Does your woman's boyfriend get to do things she won't let you?


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I said it elsewhere here, but since I got Nancy back into anal sex -- she's done it with her many FBs but not me. I don't know if she's holding out for them only or what, but she's always quick to offer her ass to any guy that's fucking her.

I kinda like that she wants her asshole for others only - makes her all that much hotter to me 'cause she'll let others do more than she allows me. I don't think she's witholding on purpose - just enjoying extra stuff with them.

The other night she did a new guy - described him as her biggest cock ever. And she let him fuck her ass. And another BBC has just made a date to fuck Nancy Thursday evening. Oh, yeah, and a traveling salesman (really!) just told us he'll be in town next Weds and he'd like to see her. Fun for Nancy, hey?

Next I'll tell you about the BBC I'm trying to get to stay with her for the weekend when I'm gone.