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does your wife Squirt on BBC?

Maybe its just my area but its very rare to find women that squirt on bbc or bbc that like to be squirted on . So im curious if there are others like me that love the Squirt?

Hedonist Ninja

Gold Member

That said [shown actually] in the video, getting a girl to squirt from sex with a big cock is more thrilling... A big, BLACK cock to keep with the theme of the site is not out of sorts either...

Getting a woman to squirt as a result of intercourse is more of a macho ego boost for the guy then just making her squirt from using fingers alone. This is in the same style to make her come on your cock is more of a boost to your manhood and sense of power as a lover vs having her come from oral sex. Any many (or woman) can get most women to orgasm via oral sex if enough time is taken and communication is used to see what she likes technique wise. Not every man can give a woman an O from straight fucking...

I was talking about the whole matter of squirting from the guy's point of view... It goes without saying that for women who get over some fear (is it pee? can I really squirt? etc) of the event they find it to be insanely enjoyable and it gives them high pleasure.

Let your spray go forth ladies! Most men love that and it can be very sexy when it happens... Don't be scared to soak the sheets!