Does your black guy let you know when he's close to cum?


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Not matter in what position you're fucking. When your black guy is close to reach his orgasm, does he let you know his cum is ready to appear?
This topic is oriented to all those girls/women who allow their lovers cum inside their pussies.Of course white hubbys may answer this topic too.


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When I was in the swinging club this didn't come up as the guys wore condoms. It was quite an eye opener when I started going with black guys end of last year and none of them wanted to wear a condom (which, despite the risk, I prefer). None of these have told me when they are going to cum but I don't mind because I'm usually already satisfied anyway.
Only time I was a bit 'annoyed' was when I had spent ages getting ready, made up etc and as soon as I got to one club I was talking to a guy I'd met before. He asked me for a BJ and I went outside with him. As I was sucking him his cock came out my mouth and he cum all over my face! It was only early and had to make myself presentable all over again!
Just one of many reasons we enjoy playing with the same Bull - with time, my body knows when he is close and it gives me some power to really pull him in and let my female magic work:)