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Does This Turn You On?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!h1362657831.jpg I know that I like the idea of having no control of what happens to me, sexually. And a friend just recently told me that she had been raped when she was 16 . . . and she liked it. She says she even came with the guy, twice. This same friend says that she can't get aroused with "regular" sex. It has to be rough and abusive.

I know that I love it when guys hold my arms down and pull my legs apart and pull my hair during sex. It's a major turn on. We rented a hotel room a few years back and I was tied to the bed in the same way the woman above is in the picture. Several guys fucked me and pulled on my tits and my hair and called me names . . . and it was hot as hell!

I think that when you have no control over what happens and you are forced to be submissive, sexually, it is a situation where you are made to feel more like a woman than ever before.

My biggest fantasy has always been to be taken by a group of military men, tied up and used for days, for their pleasure.



Real Person
It depends on the people your involved with I think. Even though YES it is kind of a kink turn on to take full advantage of your immobile naked body. I'd rather you be free to express how my BIG BLACK COCK feels inside with you body gestures and the look in your eyes of unbearable satisfaction. ;)