...Does Red Lipstick make one look bold or promiscuous?

As a designer based in India, I am required to wear red lipstick (or occasional w/pink hue), thick black lines and mascara around the eye, high heels too... are requirement where I work and intern as we are ladies on the staff roll. Such power dressing naturally exhibits lots of rouge along with content of work and presentation. But pardon me being slight aloof, why do many in the street stare at me as if I were a hooker, simply because I adorn (for professional reasons) makeups?

Quiet recently, it was awkward (done and dusted from my core-belief), a night out with friends turned sore, as group of middle aged men, signaled hand- gestures, very objectionable ones from a moving car! They drove away at brisk pace but risked our lives, as beggars with pavement dwellers turned turtle, adding more fuel to fire by jeering further. HOW ON EARTH did this group of educated, well to do people, provoke us in this manner?

Thank goodness, a checking was happening ahead. We boarded a taxi promptly, followed the car and reported to the cops about such eve teasing. A breath analyzer was stuffed into their mouths to check if they were drunk, but they were not. So their gestures, *tongue tweaks* *screwing*, etc. were all deliberately done. Our friends and myself threatened to take matters with higher authority. They apologized profusely, and even the cops didn't pin-point our dressing code and it ended 80% on a good note.

Does high make up and sexy dressing initiate such incidents where you live? Query is open for gentlemen and ladies alike.


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I think bright red lipstick and a bright color eye shade will get you noticed by guys. Where you are and how you respond to men will determine how they will act around you.


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more and more hijabis round here wear makeup everyday so it's becoming less of a thing. it used to be that if you saw someone wearing makeup people would turn and make comments. usually stupid judgemental comments. now it's not even noticed.

some colours are obviously going to get more attention than others. i like wearing darker shades of lipstick because i think it looks more sexy and i definitely find i get more attention.
Women do encounter for being bold and the way they want to be !! it is not only in india but all over the world , Desi women are more harassed because of our culture which is sex filled and women are fashioned beautiful with jewels and add ons, Men are fond of women but showing gestures towards them and harassing them is not acceptable at all at any cost !!
This will be culture specific I'm sure. Like everything it depends on the attitude and intelligence of the men.

It can also depend on the woman's attitude and behaviour. In the same context and location the same woman in the same clothes can be utterly angelic and beyond reproach or an absolute whore demanding sexual attention. That's half the fun :)