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Do your Ex GF's like Black Men too?


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The girl I took to senior prom came home from college with a black boyfriend her father chased them both off and told her to never come back home, last I heard years ago she had married a black and they had kids. She was a cute blonde quiet nice girl but she choose black, and to be honest her dad was a dick.


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I have not had so many girlfriends along my life, but some of them (my wife included) like black men. I'm caucasian with blonde hair and light eyes (between brown, green and gray). My first girlfriend was caucasian with dark blonde hair and Green eyes. After more tan two years together I broke up with her and she began a new relationship with another guy some months later. He was not black but mixed (his skin was dark but he was not afro american).
My wife Susana had a relationship with an afro american guy called Axel before me, during almost 5 years. I knew him because Susie, her ex boyfriend and me worked in the same place during some time.
When she broke up with him and started a new relationship with me, I couldn't stop thinking about them having sex.
The first time my wife and me were ready to have sex was fantastic.
We were naked over my single bed from my parent's house. When she opened her legs to be penetrated and have sex in missionary, I became award about what I was going to do: I was going to put my dick in the same place where her ex black boyfriend had put his black cock, hundreds of times along 5 years! He had given her wonderful orgasms; he had cummed dozen of times in her caucasian shaved pussy and the fact that she had not been pregnant was only chance of fate; she had experienced his great virility, typical of black men...and now she was giving me the opportunity to have sex with her! I felt myself proud to have sex with Susie and I felt an incredible pleasure putting my dick in the same place where my black brother's life had put his own dick (they had fucked for last time, about one week before that day). I told her about all what I was thinking in that moment and she laughed pleased.


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Love how the first post is "just found about..." Then, 7 months later she's "seems to be opening up about the idea." You expect people to believe that you've been in contant contact with your ex about her potential sexual desires? If she's your ex, clearly her sexual desires do not include you. Oh, and like a good cuck, you never broached the subject when you were together, if you were ever even with this woman. What a joke.
A girl I dated in high school told me (years later) she has this fantasy to have gangbang with black men. You'd never guess from knowing her personality. Another girl I dated briefly but just ended up as friends with told me she'd love to get hit on by a black man, but hated that she lived pretty far from any.
My ex wife LOVED black guys. She wouldn't shut about it. Every time we watched a football or basketball game. She said that she dated a black guy in high school,but that they only kissed. I don't know if she was lying or not. Looking back now I wish that I had let her or talked her into acting on her attraction.
My first wife left me for a black man, he knocked her up and ended the relationship so she moved back in with me. After she moved back, I found out she was fucking another black guy while pregnant. She continued to fuck him and then left me again. Last time I saw her, she had 3 babies by 3 different black men.


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My ex never specifically mentioned an attraction to black men nor has dated any that I know of. However when we would watch inter-racial porn I have to say she got quite turned on. One called "White Chicks" was one of her favorite and she'd have me eat her to 4 or 5 orgasms while she would watch