Do you think someone can sense you are thinking of straying?

Hubby was acting strange tonight and maybe its just my guilty conscience but I was worried like hell I might mave said something without knoweing it or given off some vibe or who knows what. It kinda scared me so Im thinking I may have to stay away from here for a few days and just chill.I can't describe how he was acting because it was just one of those things a wife would pick up on. like I said, after tonight, I may be away for a few days. Sorry because I have met a lot of people here I enjoy talking to.


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vanessa, some people are more perceptive than others, so I'd tend to say yes to that question.
Before commenting on your post, here, I took a few minutes to glance back through your posts & profile, mainly because you haven't been here all that long. Here's what I found so other readers won't have to do the research:

You've taken the time to fill out your profile (thank you) and that tells everyone why you (singular) are here, even though you show yourself as a couple. You're a young and curious married woman ... nothing wrong with that, but you also have a family (2 children) and that changes your situation, as you have responsibilities and obligations to others who depend on you.
Your husband is clueless of you being here, of your desire to be with other men, of your boredom with your marriage, and of your desire to have sex with black men.
Because you're not happy at home, you're feeling guilty of what you're doing (as you should), and you're paranoid that your husband is aware of what you might be doing. I'm just wondering if you've ever sat down with your husband and had a talk about your unhappiness.

We could have a long, very long, discussion with you as to your situation and what you should be doing, if you so chose to do that, but as a married man who respects his own marriage, I'd say you have some marital issues you and hubby need to address first. Any information some of us may give you, here, may be more to encouraging you to do the wrong thing rather than having concerns for your marriage. I've been with my wife 20 years now, we have 2 teens, but we take our relationship with each other very seriously. Respect and honesty are the foundation to our marriage; without them you can't really have a marriage that works harmoniously. Also, you should know that a marriage isn't always peaches & cream, it takes two adults serious about making it work as a "partnership"; it requires 2 responsible partners.

I'm just saying, I believe you're here for all the wrong reasons. You have marital issues, and you have family obligations that need to be addressed first. I'd suggest you and hubby have some personal talks (if you can do that, some can't), and possibly seek some professional counseling. I think you possibly just have some priority issues, you know that, and you feel guilty about failing yourself and your family.
pic_twocentsWorth2.jpg ......Good luck with this, Mac
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