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Do you prefer Circumcised or Uncircumcised penis?

Have you seen a uncircumcised cock before in real life and up close?

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My wife's EX was uncircumcised, and so she's very familiar with an uncut penis.
In answering for her, she has said she has no preference. However, I also know she
really enjoys watching (and making) a guy get hard...which is not an uncommon enjoyment
among sexual women
(the whole transformation thing of watching a cock go from limpness to being rigid,
is very 'flattering' to women in that their presence is what's causing this reaction - it's one part of
foreplay that she loves).

And so, an 'uncut guy', obviously puts more of this kind of 'show' on, when he gets hard,
vs. a 'cut guy', and there's 'more' of a transformation.
Hence, I'd say deep down, that she would probably prefer an uncut guy.


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Mrs Kini plays with a white bull with an uncut cock regularly. It is her only experience, but evidently she is very perceptive when sucking cock because he commented on how well she knew how to handle it. She definitely would enjoy an uncut bbc someday!
deafinitly circumsized.but then again i luck sucking them.tryed uncircumsized didnt like holding the skin back to get at the head of his cock.would not try again.


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I prefer Big lol but i must admit i do think uncircumsised is very sexy. I love to roll and pinch my nipples under the skin at the head of his cock. The skin is so soft and sexy.