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Do you find it more fulfilling to watch or participate?

My hubby seems to enjoy watching more than doing when it comes to sex.
I know watching me with others turns him on more than actually having sex with me.
I admit I love him because my hubby allows me to be with other men and to please me and him by doing so.
I don't get as much pleasure from just watching. I prefer doing to watching.

What do you find most fulfilling?
If it ever happens to me, she knows that I would rather watch than participate. It is like watching an intense porno, but with the most desirable actress; my wife. It could be with only one bull or more; that'll be up to her and the "moment". That being said, when it's time for me to have sex with her, I'll like to be the only guy and make that "love" connection.


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While my Wife has no desire to cuckold me at this time, in past relationships I definitely preferred to be involved in some manner over just watching. If not participating directly, I just as soon go do something of use like prepare refreshments.

Don't get me wrong, watching can be fun as well to a point, but after a time or three, especially if it's the same lover ...
I liked talking about it together before and after the most. The sex before and after it happened was always the best. Watching was great but so was somewhat being in on the action,
I very much enjoy watching, with my level of participation limited to helping her and her bf.
I like the humiliation and the dominance. When she openly has sex in front of me and shows how sex and desirable she is while limiting my sexual access it adds to the dynamic.


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The first time that I had a cuckold feeling, was when my wife Susanna told me (answering my questions) about how was her sexual life with her black boyfriend Axel, with whom she had gotten a relationship before me.
In that occasion I told her that I would have liked watch them fucking in front of me. So, my first feeling was "watch". But later I told her that I would have assisted her sucking his cock just to make him feel comfortable and they could fuck. Then my second wish was "participate".


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I like him to participate if the bull is kinky enough to tolerate some targeted oral skills. Some bulls don't dig that so then he watches. I prefer he doesn't masturbate as that can be distracting. If he isn't licking he needs to be quiet and unobtrusive. He has orgasmed just watching without masturbating (his hands were tied to a chair). He seems to like the build up more than the release.