do white girls fuck better?

do white girls fuck better?

  • yes

    Votes: 143 86.1%
  • no

    Votes: 23 13.9%

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One of my wifes coworkers is bisexual and she will only date black girls because she says they are freaky which this girl happens to like. I joked well I hope the black men are equally freaky and it rubs off on you. She blushed and said I was naughty and a few hours later we surfaced XD. I think the interracial aspect can add to it and that can heighten things or fact she is married. I am walking into it with those expectations and knowing it will heighten the sex so I am much less worried about comparing and far more content to enjoy :) There are some extremely sexy black girls out there too and personally though I am sure some would disagree I am far more attracted to black women as they go up in size than white women. Just my personal preferance.


Real Person
It all depends of the individual. Every one does it their own way hence u can't tell in general. Skin color wouldnt determine hw good someone is in sex. Its all about personality and someones passion while at it. And of-course the fact that its almost taboo makes it more exciting. When something is out of the ordinary , it feels more exciting.