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Do men really like BIG boobs?

Do men really like Big Massive Boobs?

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Real Person
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A woman's breast size should be in balance with the rest of her body. More important than size is their shape and the nipples. Most woman will look fine even with smaller breasts as long as they are nicely shaped and especially if she has prominent nipples. :mstickle:

Unfortunately, more often than not, overly large breasts tend to be rather shapeless, droopy sacks that really have only their size going for them. :(


Real Person
hmm well for me it is all about body type. What I'm referring too for example is women with huge ass but small tits, or huge tits with small asss. I find myself loving Track & Field type of female. Small Tits BUT the thighs and ass is OMG! Perfection........ So what am I saying "body proportions"


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I like nice firm breasts, preferably with the nipples pointing up a bit. A "D" cup is about the limit of what I enjoy looking at or playing with but anything smaller is just fine with me.. Huge breasts are not a turn on for me. I like puffy nipples. Proportion is important, I love the classic hour glass figure, if a woman has that luscious hour glass shape she will definitely have my attention


Sweet & Cordial
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Men liking women with massive or big boobs are a myth!
It's not a myth, its just that times are changing; many women still think that men desire large tits. But, men's preferences are changing. The desire for hugh mammaries is slowly being replaced for the desire of youthfulness. More and more adult females try to make themselves appear younger to compete with the more sexually educated/experienced/desirable teenage crowd. Breast enlargement surgeries are declining, by the way.
We men, by the way, often fail to spend near enough time pampering & suckling the breasts of our women in sexual "foreplay". I bet if many women were asked, they'd say their lovers often spend too little time with the very sensitive & erotic breasts.
Personally, I like my women short & petite, and usually smaller 32 size tits come with petite women. :)


I think it all depends on the female. Yes, obviously, huge breasts in a low cut blouse will turn heads, drunk or sober. But some women just look all out of proportion with huge boobs and it makes them look like a caricature of themselves.
I prefer the boobs fit the body of the girl and personality can make a very big difference too.. Dolly Parton looks like she should be falling on her face every time she stands up. My ex-wife had nice size b-cups, but she was only 4'11". My fiance is 5'1" and has a small D or large C. Almost too big for her, but her personality makes them and her very sexy.