Do i encourage my hot indian wife to go to party with black guy?

should i encourage my lovely wife to go to party with black guy?

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So i dont know what to do.
Have been into interracial porn for years and then couple years ago met and quickly got married to the hottest and most lovely girl i had ever met- feel really lucky, she is a 26 year old indian girl i met in london where i live.
Picture below.
Anyway sometimes we use my love of porn, often interracial, to get extra excited for sex. My wife is a bit shy and not had alot of experience with men but we have a great sex life -ofted boosted by the porn. She tells me she has got into it now also.
Its all been fantasy so far but a new black guy at the company she works at in london has been hitting on her and flirting with her for weeks now , she is loyal and faithful and has told me all about it but she knows it has got me excited and i even pretended to be this guy, a guy called mark, the other night when we had sex, she seemed to have a real strong orgasm when we role played her being fucked by her black work mate.
So this guy mark has asked her to go to party with him this weekend, he claims he is single and just wants to take her as a friend and other work friends will be there to, i think both my wife and i really know he wants more, he has made it clear he thinks she is sexy as hell, which she is but i dont know if i have made a mistake but i told her during the week she should go with him - she was shocked when i told her this and asked was it nota risky thing to do?- she doesnt often drink booze or party but has told him yes she will go and her husband is ok with the date- he told her this suprised him but was delighted with her decison.
So what do i do?, the party is tomorrow and she has asked me again tonight if she should cancel on the guy, if i'm honest the idea of her going with the guy excites me but i feel sick at the idea of anything actually happening between them, i am not sure if she thinks the guy is attractive or is just going to be friendly or is going because i said she should go and have some fun.
Any advice?

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You said you were role playing playing a black work mate and you say you feel sick of anything happening between them. I think you still need some time for the both of youto come to terms with the whole situation. Just give it some time and lay out some ground rules when you do go ahead with it.