Do Black Men get sex more often than white men do? Or more easily?

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    A Black Man in his early 20s told me today that he feels that being Black gives him an advantage, sexually. He told me that what plays in his favor most is that white women expect Black Men to push for sex. This young Black Man told me that because white women expect Black Men to be confident in their ability to bed white women, that it takes a lot of pressure off of him when he approaches white women. He said that when he walks up to a white woman, and she smiles, that he knows that it is just a matter of time when , not if, they have sex.

    This young Black Man told me that his white roommate gets a lot more dates than sex with women, while he gets a lot more sex than dates. He told me that where his roommate is seen as dating material, that he is seen as more of a novelty. This young Black Man admitted that he doesn't mind the one night stands, but he has had to realize that in this day and age that sex with Black Men is still taboo, and therefore is something women want to try at least once, maybe more often if they like it.

    This young Black Man also said that not all minorities are seen as equal. On the mating and sexual scene, for instance, Black Men have an advantage over asian, and other, men. However, when it comes to certain job opportunities, asians and white men have the advantage. An asian programmer doesn't have to be better than his white or Black counterparts since he's already perceived as such, so he actually has an advantage. White men are seen as hard working and dependable. The same goes for a Black Man, sexually. Since Black Men are perceived as being better, sexually, they get sex more often and more easily.

    Do you agree?
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    To some what I agee " cause still matter trust ,and time not always easily !!the same with most woman's. (Trueful)