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Do any of the ladies on this site ever respond

Just wondering if any of the ladies on this site ever respond to anyone. It seems there are a decent amount of posts of ladies or couples looking for BBC but then no follow up. Lots of guys posting in their areas but never any response. Seems like most are either fake or only enjoy the fantasy of things and don't want the real thing. Would be better if they just said so rather than acting like they want the real thing and never following through.

My two cents.


Gold Member
Yes, there are many on here who are just fantasizing, or as you call fakes. IMHO after seeing more then one hubby get mad when his wife loved their first time swinging, I bet few would be able to handle seeing their wife in multiple-orgasm bliss with a black man. My hub was an experienced cuckold and struggled in the beginning. So they come here and fantasize.