Over the holiday season, I saw the movie (starring Jamie Foxx) with my asian gf. Without giving too many spoilers away, the movie's main theme is about slavery in the pre Civil War South and how brutal and inhumane it was and what it drove people (like Django) to do in order to survive. There is more to it than that, but you should really see the movie. Anyways, the film is quite bloody and there is heavy use of the "N" word. Now, as my girl and I were watching the film, she found it difficult to watch some scenes as they were too "disturbing" for her. However, one scene in particular involves some black male frontal nudity (kind of quick). Upon seeing that, I noticed a certain reaction in shock at the nudity. On the car ride home, she brings up the topic and how the semi-erect penis caught her off guard. Now, we've seen some IR porn so she knows about and has seen some of these monster BBCs but this instance felt kind of different because this was on display at a major movie theater. My question to everyone here: do you think this movie will inspire your wife/gf/lover to want to try BBC either out of curiosity or because they feel guilty of what black people have had to endure during the time of slavery?

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I saw Les Mis and loved it...[/random]

I will wait until the Blu Ray of Django Unchained is out. I loved the 1966 version and can't wait to see what Quieten did with this premiss.

The women in my life who I have as lovers are already very adventurous sexually. About 1/4 of those I fuck on a steady basis have gone black. Most really like it. I don't think this movie will recruit any to try IR sex; JMO. The black cocks shown in Any Given Sunday did not make an Army of white women seek IR sex just by their being on screen for about 6 seconds in total. I am sure many gals liked the view however and that might have shocked a few film goers back in 1999... Hey, it was a locker room scene!In truth one can never tell what plants the seed for any and every woman... Sex and curiosity are a volatile mix!

Sex and violence and gore and eroticism do not mix well. Both are stimulating, in their own manner and of a different sort, but I would not choose to have a woman sit through an action and brutality fest like Django Unchained just to show her 10 seconds of a black man's cock and have her feel erotic later on over that one lone image. Mix signals there.

I post at all on this topic since I was on the peripheral of a funny conversation. There were a group of people (men and women) talking and this movie came up. Mostly due to the director and what he did, that was the main theme of the talk.

Two of the women (one white) said Foxx was sexy and that they'd fuck him. A guy jumped in, at random really, and was really off topic and began to fire off some vitriol about Foxx having 'sugar in the britches' and being a down low sissy etc. The old rumors that he was a fag and so on. Really wacky shit too like how Foxx sucked off Jim Carrey on the set of In Livin Color and so forth.

I mention that now since my vibe was that the guy was not too open to the fact that a white girl would express that she thought a black man was sexy and desirable. Even in (what was) 2012 that still took place. I can't read too much into his motives since he could just be player hating on a famous and rich actor with race not a driver. I found it odd that he was so animated about talking shit concerning Foxx and calling the man Jamie Foxxy and such.There is some fear and tension about IR, even in modern days.

I just want to point out that the women said they found Foxx to be interesting and sexy before Django Unchained came out. I don't think the film itself would make people fall in lust with Foxx. A part of the appeal could also be his fame, which goes get women wet. Who knows over all.

Will this film recruit women to get some BBC? Doubtful; that is not it's aim. Do I personally think IR sex or IR swinging is about the debt of slavery (American slavery) being repaid? Hell no!That is a frame of mind I find goofy.

I will flip the roles and pose the question: If I, as a white man, fuck a black girl and we have a fun time in the sack am I enslaving, abusing or oppressing her since she is black and I am white and we are both Americans and America had slavery in it's past? If no- then how does a white women enjoying sex with a black man pay off some score from history?

Whites were pretty mean to Indians and in turn Indians were not always to kind to whites. [Native Americans- you can take a look at the White British in India if you want to and see some parallel maybe. That is not what I meant however] Look up that long saga of American history with it's cast of heroes and villains on both sides. So if an Indian man gets a white girl or if a white man has sex with an Indian female... Is this any pay back or pay it forward and such? Any dishonor? Any victory? How about people have sex since they want to have sex with each other?

Anyway... Both Les Mis and Django Unchained are making big money at the Box Office. They still can't touch the Hobbit but all three will be nice on Blu Ray.

Fuck... New TVs are out soon that are Ultra HD. A HDTV now is 1920x1080 lines of resolution. The new sets have 4k lines and the best up to 8k lines of resolution!

Those fuckers start at $25k each (you can get a HDTV now, a great one, for less then a grand) but that will make current 'high' definition look like mud by contrast. Fuck that 3D gimmick BS... Ultra HD is the tech I am excited for.

Many movies in theater are 4k lines if the theater has a digital projection set up. Talk about home theater 2.0 coming soon... Fuck yeah!

You know what that means... Higher HD Porn! Then, years on, you can make your own homemade porn in Ultra HD! Awwww.... Yeah!!!

IR sex will still be around then. No matter what effect Django Unchained has on it's popularity.
I saw both of those other movies, too. ;)

I dunno, I'm pretty sure the seed of curiosity has been planted in many a woman's mind subconsciously maybe out of shock or sympathy for the character, Django. In the end, he does play the role of a strong male and we all know how women secretly swoon over that. I think time will tell with Django. Don't think we've heard the last of it.


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I went to see Django over the weekend. Loved the movie! As for that one scene making ladies want to try Black, I'm sure there will be a few out there that would, but as Hedonist Ninja said, it's not going to be no army of women that suddenly get that urge. I know from past girlfriends and female friends of mine, if we watched a movie and a Black guy was naked, they were not suddenly going mad about it. They were more turned on by the actor himself and his charm etc.
Check out the 70's film Soul is kinda boring in parts....up till a few years ago it was considered a myth...It is a blaxploitation film about a black guy fucking a cops wife..the cop tries to casturate him and the black guy is sent to prison where he ends up with a magical penis that hypnotizes the white women of the court system that wronged him and grows so huge it strangles people.


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Hey Ray. I have that movie. You are right that it's boring as hell, but also hilarious how he hypnotizes them. Plus the best part is how he kills the men. I won't spoil that just in case someone here wants to see it. If you just want to see how he kills, there is a video on YouTube.
Glad to hear this. It will at least be a talking point which may just pique someone's interest. Women are often hearing Black Men have big cocks and when they see something like this, they talk amongst friends and say "I heard they had big cocks, but I didn't know it was true." Next thing you know, the boyfriend has images of his hot girlfriend taking on a guy like in the Interracial movies, and realizes he may not have to work that hard to convince her to go Black.

On the other hand, I haven't seen this movie so I don't know if it's an attractive Black male with a big cock, or just some schmoe with an average penis. That can make a difference, so we need details.
It's mostly Jamie in the buff for a few moments. Not really a sexual scene but still. Enough to shock/intrigue some women. Watch the movie and you'll see what I mean.