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Dirty Used Panties For Cucky Boys!

I've got a drawer full of cum stained panties that wife has brought home from fuck dates.
When she comes home she takes them off or pulls them out of her suitcase.
She normally puts them on my head or stuffs them in my mouth while I'm permitted to jerk off onto her feet.
From there they go in the collection drawer.
Still like the idea of being told to put on a pair of her used panties on covering my caged cock and the sent to work. Not only have you got the humilation of the fact your wearing panties, but they are used covered in another mans cum, and your wondering has anyone noticed that panty line under your pants, the cut is not guys jocks, the whole day is spent wondering.
Every time you go to the toilet you have to sit down due to the cage so every time you pull down your pants you looking at the cum stain in your wife panties a constant reminder your a Cuck.
image.jpg image.jpg
Present from wifey after coming home from her guy.
They were then put on my head with the cum stain right at my nose and lips.
I was the allowed the priveledge of jerking off onto her feet and heels.
Happily jerking away breathing in their juices I was ready to cum quickly, wifey sensing this told me to open my mouth and proceeded to push the cum stained gusset part into my mouth, actually tasting both their juice was too much and I came all over her feet.