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dirty south

do you understand how carma works''

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white couple looken for hung dark skin bull's so wife can enjoy her fantasy'' mouth '' pussy & ass all holes open to dominant bull's who like to grudge fuck a white southern bell!
my new hubby gives me the permission to enjoy my true fetish for hung black bull's''im his property totally and obey his right to ritual me to hung bull's for his enjoyment! my racists family does not like him and the power he has over me and the way he has changed me''my hubby say's that i should be used by bull's because of my racists family attiude and that iv'e been denighed my sexual lust for bbc!
Hell ya. Such a nice pose ready for bbc. Excited at the prospect sliding and enjoying all your holes.
were you from'' we are in troy alabama you sound like you would be right for the job bull''she feels guilty for her racists family's past! feels this is how she must offer her white pussy and ass to bbc's to disrespect this racists flag of hate''


Real Person
unfortunately am miles away in Kenya. But Am sure you will get good bbc to calm down the feeling of guilt from her. Would jump at the chance if I was there :)