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Dirty comments for my slutty wife, please !

How ROUGH would you like to fuck her?

  • Double penetration for 2 bulls

    Votes: 31 51.7%
  • Make her choke on yr dick

    Votes: 16 26.7%
  • Pump her cunt until she screams at loud

    Votes: 31 51.7%

  • Total voters
Let's get started! Tell me what you'd like to do to my whore, post your nasty idears n cocked pics. I'm gonna start from slow 'strippin'.
First one!

MmMmmmmmmmmmmmmm I would have her suckle he guys....a line if cock waiting and touching her. She will be out of that shorts in seconds
Bent over that kitchen counter i would get on my knees and bury my face in her ass. I would make sure to get it nice and wet for a dozen BBC bulls to pound the shit out of her asshole with no regard for her begging and pleading to let up on her. When they are all finally satisfied with the punishment they have unleashed on her ass, all 12 of them would shoot their loads deep inside her while she is forced to arch her back to put that ass high in the air for full and complete cum collection. What cums in must also cum out... Unable to stand on her own, her legs tremble, falling back. Unwilling to lose a drop of precious black cum, she reaches back quickly and shoves three fingers inside her ass to prevent any cum loss. With a sigh of relief after dodging the catestrophic emergency its back to business. As promissed she crouched over my face puting herself in position for the ass eating of her life. First things first. She gently eases her three fingers out of her asshole. Gazing in awe at her georgeos cum coated fingers, she,quickly shucks them in her mouth. Frantically wagging her tongue around her cummy fingers. Now with just 4 inches between her asshole and my face, she mercilesley blows her well earned black cum cocktail of 12 loads all over me. Ahhhhh