Did this respectable married white couple turn me into a Bull? I think....;-)


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This is one of several blogs that I have written elsewhere since becoming a Bull...

I didn’t know it at the time but my very first proper experience as a Bull with a couple was nearly ten years ago. Back then I was what you might can an ordinary swinger. I had a horny fuck buddy that I was very close to and we were part of a cosy group of friends that attended private house parties on a regular bases.

However from time to time we would also do our own thing. On one of these occasions I met one of the couples who was a part of this group along with two other black male friends. We got on well and from time to time we would meet up with one to three couples for a bit of fun and pleasure.

This wasn’t the only time I met this couple with one or more friends but this particular occasion stood out for a number of reasons. More so, now as I look back on that day with the eyes of a Bull.

The day began with me meeting the couple in a well know London museum. We looked around at the exhibits and chatted for ages like old friends. Indeed this is what we were at this point. By mid afternoon we had seen everything we wanted to see so we sat down in the canteen and had a meal before making our way to the hotel which the husband always insisted on paying for.

Soon after arriving my two friends turned up. Knowing how much the husband enjoyed joining in and watching us all fuck his wife. I was rather surprised when he made his excuses and left saying that he would be gone for a few hours . Not that we minded that much. We just wanted to fuck his sexy wife. The best way to describe her is sensual and classy. She is an amazing kisser and has a way of gently stroking your cock while pressed against you and kissing you softly.

I’m not going to go into detail about what happened next because that isn’t the point of this particular blog. The summary is that we had a great time and the three of us guys worked well as a team to give this sexy lady lots of pleasure.

After lots of sensual and hard fucking the two other guys said their goodbyes and it was left with just myself and the sexy wife.

We sat on the bed under the covers and chatted for ages. Sometimes caressing sometimes kissing. Sometime leading on to more sensual fucking.

The passage of time has made a few details blurry but some things stand out. The long soapy shower. The way she expertly teased me……..and how naturally she guided me into her pussy without a condom. It shocked me at the time but it felt so right.

We slept in each others arms and were greeted the following morning by the sound of her husband entering the hotel room. I remember feeing guilty at the time for fucking his wife without a condom……..How little did I know lololol

That day and night stood out as a special one that we would refer to from time to time. A couple of years after that I took a very long break from swinging and although we stayed in touch occasionally it was purely as friends.

Fast forward to now and my mental awakening as a Bull and that whole event takes on a whole new meaning. That night and things that had happened on other occasions made me wonder if they were indeed my very first cuckold couple. Not just as a natural development of our friendship but perhaps by their design at the time.

Well the answer to that question will soon be answered. I managed to find their number recently and when I mentioned that I was out of retirement they were very pleased. Why write this blog now? Well I have just finished chatting to the husband on the phone and when I mentioned the fact my attention is on cuckold couples these days………well lets just say he was enthusiastic, eager to point out that his wife is still as attractive as ever and keen to invite me to spend the night in their home for the very first time ;-)