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Diary of A Bull: Hot Brazilian Wife

Last night fucked this amazingly hot Brazilian married woman. Tight little body, big tits, beautiful face, perfect apple bottom ass. Better yet we had little conversation. She saw my big cock on a website contacted me, soon we were texting and with 48 hours we were at a hotel.

When I arrived at the hotel she already had three camera set-up with a small professional lighting stand. And I love being videotaped so I was very happy.

When she opened the door I was very surprised. I knew from her pictures she was hot, but this girl was a perfect 10 in every sense. Perfect tight body and these perfect big perky tits. I took her in my arms, lifted her and kissed her. I took her to the bed and eyes were level with the big bulge in my pants and she got a huge smile, looked up at me and said, "I have to see this". She started tearing at my pants and as she did I pulled her tight tank top off and unsnapped her bra with a flick of my finger.

My rock hard cock sprang out hitting her in the face with a thud and she started sucking it reaching down struggling to take her pants off. She had a wonderful round ass and had to stand to squeeze of her pants.

She also had on pair of fuck me heels and she took them off to remove her pants, but then I told her to put them back on, I wanted to fuck her with her wearing those heels, and she did as I said. I told her I wanted to lick her puss my, but she said she couldn't wait and she needed my cock in her now. As I got on the bed to mount her, she looked at me and said it would be to tight and she have to guide it in herself with her on top. So she directed my head at the foot of the bed so the cameras would have the perfect view of her descending on my cock.

She raised her leg and slowly slid her perfect tight pussy around my thick cock head. Her hand rested on my pecs holding herself up. It took nearly 10 minutes for her slowly pumping up and down on my shaft to get half of it in her. Bit with at least half she was now able to perch over my cock and we are able to really start fucking.

For the next three hours we fucked in every position imaginable, her cumming over and over and over. And each time I was about to cum she begged for it to be shot on her face right next to the camera. By the end three loads had been dumped on her with the many thick dryed cum drops coating her beautiful face.

We left with her making me promise to see her again.