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Diaries of the unsuspecting cuck.

Thorn gave Deidra his Beats Studio ‘over the ear head’ phones as a present just a few days before. Well actually he did not give them to her because he did not pay for them, Jimmy her husband of 10 years did. Thorn told her to bring them today as she will need them to drown out the music he so loves to hear. To him it is a enjoyable crescendo that starts with a simple soft whimper, then a muted cry when the conductor enters into the prone instrument he is playing with such dominance. In the musical world the 'instrument’ Thorn is playing would be considered a soprano, a feminine singing voice with a high vocal range, because as the night progresses this instrument will surely sing a high aria before this performance ends. Thorn will provide the deep bass accompaniment as his contribution supporting his soprano in kind. All for the very appreciative and encouraging audience of one Deidra Blackwell! When the grand entrance is finally made and the soprano begins his progression thru the musical notes the conductor likes to mute his instrument by 'fish hooking’ the shaking form under him. When his instrument realizes he has more notes to play Thorn removes his fingers from the mouth piece that once only had to perform simple flute accompaniment on Thorns very large member. This is when the full chorus of gut wrenching pleading gasps are fully vocalized as the jack hammering starts.

Deidra, of course, will add her encouragement to Jimmy and to her BBC bull as he fucks her cuck spouse for the very first time. Now we see the last piece of the performance before us. Deidra, resplendent in dark ruby painted toes, wearing a black lace cami takes the last picture before Thorn pulls out of her totally humiliated husband. Having been fucked by the BBC bull he once only had to fluff when agreed to her request to see other men. His weaken 170 pound frame prostate form is completely spent of all energy trying to resist his wife’s Bull. He lies under 250 pounds of solid muscle, prison hardened and thuggish in every way. Thorns 9 inch Big Black Cock was so deep in Jimmy’s ass it took forever to soften enough to pull that bulbous head out past his painful sphincter. Thorn always liked to whisper soft yet fear provoking reminders that he had flooded the cuck with black baby making sperm without a condom. “you will drip for days, little jimmy”…he softly whispered in his ear.