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    I'm looking for an extremely detailed cuckold/Bull RP on YIM!Imagine that me and you are walking through the mall and stopping at the cell phone case kiosk to look at phones, my big round meaty jiggle plump butt is stretching the jeans to the point they look like they gonna burst, you notice a big black guy behind us checking out my big round meaty white ass. Go into GREAT detailed about the scene, my big round butt filling out the jeans and stretching them, an how inferior you feel compared to this black man. Remeber you're my whimpy white boyfriend. If any detailed Bulls would like to try for the BBC role please do!
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    Walking by in the mall to see what's new at the shoe store. I see this beautiful. Ass. Swaying. In the way full and voluptuous. There's a guy she's with don't knowledgebase to call him her brother, , cousin,, or boy couldn't. be he looks. To much of a wimp cuck to be with her..I look over she say me looking and give me a smile. . The two make. There way into the show store.

    What your yim will continue. There