Desire Fulfilled

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    I always wanted to see my sexy wife making love to another man, but she is shy in nature so I thought this could never happen. But it did happen when she told me that she had been seeing a young, black man from work for drinks and chat sometimes after work. I insisted that that she should call him for dinner and see what where it would go. When the man arrived I pretended that due to some urgent work I would have to go out for awhile, but hid in the house to see what happened. I was not surprised to see that my wife was in the mood and she kissed him immediately. As soon as their clothing was removed my naked beauty did all to please her lover. She knew I was watching quietly from the closet and made a point of looking in that direction as they fucked. For an hour she was pounded black stud, and, for me, it was a secret desire fullfilled.


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    This is what i want for my hot wife.