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    Well he called me in his room to hang out. I was laying on the bed relaxing and he started rubbing my tits saying i was beautiful and how hes always loved my boobs.
    then he took them out of the shirt and started massaging them.
    Then licking and sucking them.
    one hand was rubbing my pussy.
    Harder and harder
    he took my pants off and took his off too.
    he started slapping his hard cock on my pussy and then started shoving it in
    It always takes about 5 whole minutes to get him completely inside if me.
    he starts off slow then tells me to turn around.
    After tht he pounds the shit out if my pussy.
    Im screaming at the top of my lungs and he goes harder and harder.
    my pussy is soaked at this point.
    hes smacking his balls against my ass pulling my hair and head back to look at him and hes just non stop slamming his dick inside of me.
    then he pulls out and turns me around and explodes all over my face an tits. while three of his fingers are inside of my stretched out pussy.
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