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Debt Free

Debt Free

By clarkroberts ©

It had been a typical June wedding wonderful in every way. It had been held outdoors under blue skies and bright sunshine at the country club where my new in-laws were members. With the ceremony just completed, I stood next to my beautiful bride, Holly. We were receiving our guests as they made their way inside the clubhouse. A single dark cloud, thick and angry rolled overhead. Things were about to take an atypical twist.

Andre was Holly's former boss. It was obvious that he didn't like me. He was used to getting what he wanted and he wanted Holly. In fact, he had offered her a raise not to marry me. He extended his hand and offered his congratulations.

Forcing a smile, I shook his hand. I didn't like him either, he epitomized the bullies that had tormented me most of my life. My eyes widened as the former football player squeezed my hand. Pain raced from my fingers up my arm to my brain. Determined not to give him the satisfaction of a whimper, I returned his insincere well-wishes with a muted thank you. Letting go of my hand, he moved down the line to my bride.

Holly looked gorgeous in a strapless white wedding gown. Its veil hovered around her blonde head like a halo. The dress flattered her slender body with its smallish curves. Her blue eyes sparkled beguilingly as the big black man stepped in front of her. Giggling, she said, "Andre, I'm so glad you came."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," Andre's baritone voice resonated. He was a beautiful monster. His six-foot-three muscular frame towered over my petite wife. His ebony complexion shimmered in the evening sun. He had been a scholarship football player in college. Even though he was good enough for the pros, he had chosen to go to law school instead. An auspicious decision because now he was one of the most successful lawyers in the city. Taking both of her hands in his rather large ones, he said, "Holly, I'm sure sorry to lose you. If Brett ever makes you unhappy or you get tired of the rain in Seattle, you'll always have place with me."

Quietly, I fumed.

Holly sensing my unease, slipped her hands from Andre's grasp. She proclaimed, "I'm very much in love with Brett. I'll be happy with him in Seattle or anywhere else for that matter."

Chuckling, Andre looked me in eye then challenged more than asked, "May I kiss the bride?"

Before I could answer, Andre swept Holly off her feet in an overpowering embrace. His mouth hungrily covered hers. He forced her lips open with his thrusting tongue.

Yielding to the forceful domination of his lips, Holly parted hers and received his tongue into her mouth. There was a wicked intimacy to their kiss.

Caught off guard by my wife's eager response to Andre's lips, I was far from ready to deal with the situation. A jealous heat flash-burned through my body, but I remained silent.

Someone's loud cough caught Holly's attention. She pushed her hands against his chest, breaking the kiss. Her voice was husky as she directed, "You need put me down, Andre."

"Sorry, I just got carried away," he replied, setting her down. Winking roguishly at her, he added, "Congratulations on your nuptials, I hope you're happy."

He shot me an arrogant smirk then made his way into the clubhouse. It was like we were kids on the playground and he was stealing my lunch money. It dawned on me that he had gotten as much pleasure from embarrassing me as he had gotten from kissing my bride.

Holly darted guilty glances at me as we finished greeting the remaining guests. After the last one had departed, she turned to me and locked her eyes with mine. She planted a reassuring kiss on my lips then said, "I love you."

"I wish you hadn't invited him," I whined.

"He was my boss. I had to invite him," she defended firmly. Holly had been Andre's paralegal, while I finished my master's degree in computer engineering.

"I'll get over it," I chimed with insincerity ringing in my voice.

Holly went on verbal offense, "It's because of his recommendation that I have a job waiting in Seattle. And, trust me we're going to need my salary in order to pay off our college debt."

Taking my hand, she squeezed it and affirmed, "I love you. I married you, so don't be jealous."

Somewhat bolstered, I escorted my bride into the clubhouse to the applause of our guests. After taking our seats, the wedding feast began. The main course was broiled salmon served with steamed veggies and fried potato croquette. I dismissed all thoughts of Andre as I discussed the future in Seattle with my new bride.

The clinking of glasses erupted. Holly and I kissed. The guests applauded their approval. Under the table, she boldly groped my trousers for my cock. Squeezing it until it hardened, she huskily declared, "The wedding day is for the bride. The wedding night is for the groom."

"I can hardly wait," I choked. Pre-cum drooled from my cock.

With the wedding feast complete, the best man wished us well with a traditional toast. We cut the wedding cake and fed each other messy morsels of it.

After cleaning her face with a napkin, Holly made her way on to the dance floor. She was joined by a giggling gaggle of unwed gals. She tossed her bouquet over her shoulder to a predetermined recipient, a recently engaged friend.

My best man produced a chair and my bride took a seat. Blushing from the crowd's catcalls and wolf-whistles, Holly slowly lifted the hem of her wedding dress. My face flushed with lust as the gown's hem traversed up her legs, revealing her white fence-net stockings. I exhaled an excited breath and snagged the bridal garter resting on her thigh. I peeled the garter off her leg and studied it. It was trimmed in delicate lace and embellished with a cute little white satin flower. My nose picked up a delectable scent. I recalled that Holly had planned to spritz the garter with a body mist. The flirtatious fragrance emanating from the garter was a mixture of sweet pea, blue violet and a blush of white cedar. My cock grew hard as my olfactory system picked-up the captivating pheromones found in the body mist. I stretched the elastic garter like a sling-shot and launched it blindly over my shoulder.

Hoots and hollers were followed by shoves and pushes in the scramble for the dainty garment. Turning around, I watched Andre out jostle the others and catch the bridal vestment. Much to the crowd's delight and to my chagrin, he did a happy dance like he had just scored the winning touchdown in a bowl game. With a devious grin, he locked eyes with me and brought the garter up to his nose. Closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply. His cock immediately grew erect, creating an obvious and obscene bulge in his trousers. Rolling his eyes, he loudly snorted, "Daaaaaamn!"

My skin reddened with a flash of heat and beads of sweat bubbled to the surface.

The band began to play. Still irritated, I turned to Holly and led her onto the dance floor for our first dance as husband and wife. I embraced her tightly and we swayed to the romantic rhythm of the music. I relaxed and grew composed. With my bride in my arms, I felt bigger and stronger than any time in my life. I caught Andre watching us dance. I stuck my tongue out at him, his dark face pinched with aggravation.

Holly invited everyone to join us on the dance floor. She kissed me with a passion that took my breath away. Breaking the kiss, she whispered in my ear, "I love you. I'm so happy."

"I am too," I agreed with a joyful smile.

My father-in-law tapped my shoulder and asked, "Mind if I dance with my daughter?"

With a chivalrous nod of my head, I spun Holly into her father's arms. Spotting my own father nearby, I joined him. A forced smile painted his face. I knew he was thinking of my mother, she had ran-off with another man some ten years ago. It had left him devastated.

"It's been a great wedding, Brett," he said. We stood side-by-side watching my bride dance with her father. With tear-reamed eyes, he choked, "You're a lucky man, Son. Don't ever let Holly get away from you. Do whatever it takes to keep her."

I patted my father on the back and replied, "I will, Dad. I'll do whatever it takes."

Holly's white-haired Polish grandmother hurried onto the dance floor when the band finished the song. She tied an apron around Holly's waist. It had a red ruffle around its edge with two big heart-shaped pockets in the front. She announced, "Time for the dollar dance."

The band struck up a jazzy melody. My father hustled onto the dance floor. Laughing, he waved a dollar bill. Soon a line of men formed and my new bride was obligated to dance with each after they stuffed a dollar in her apron pocket. My wife basked in the male attention.

I watched grinning. I never dreamed a geek like me would end up with a sultry sorority girl like Holly. Even now, I wasn't sure why she loved me. I was just happy she did.

Andre jammed a dollar bill into Holly's apron and the smile on my face slid into a scowl. He shot me a nefarious grin and my eyes tightened into a disapproving glare.

Holly looked my way and gave me a soothing smile. The black giant embraced her and they swayed to the music. She glanced at the table stacked with gifts and nodded as he spoke to her. Turning her attention to me, she locked her eyes with mine for a moment before nodding again to Andre. The music stopped and he disappeared into the crowd.

Signaling to the maid-of-honor, Holly rushed to me. She grabbed my hand and hustled me to the gift table. After a quick search of the gifts, she picked up a small package. She again took my hand and led me out the exit.

The maid-of-honor had ushered the guests outside and armed them with bottles of liquid soap. Laughing, we made our grand departure through a gauntlet of guests as they blew bubbles.

With a wave of goodbye, we climbed into the limousine. As the vehicle departed, my bride snuggled into my arms. She gave me a sensual kiss. Her tongue probed my mouth as she unzipped my trousers. She broke the kiss and pulled my throbbing cock from my boxers. Stroking my cock, she watched the pre-cum leak from it. She giggled, "Baby, I don't think you can wait until we get to the hotel."

Holly reached into her purse and pulled out a spray bottle. Noticing my puzzled look, she handed me the bottle and I read the label. It was a mint flavored throat desensitizer meant to alleviate the gag reflex during oral sex. Smiling, Holly explained, "It a bachelorette party gift."

She sprayed the mist into her mouth and swallowed. Her throat numbed. Grabbing my throbbing cock, she lowered her face into my lap. She lavished attention all over my cockhead. Her whirling tongue lapped drool from it. She ran her tongue up and down the length of my shaft.

I sucked wind and wiggled in my seat. Pleasure surged through my body. Lightheaded, I curled my toes to keep from cumming.

Suddenly, Holly pulled her face up from my cock and looked me in the eyes with profound intensity. In that moment, she connected to my soul and I felt the depth of her love. She gave me a peck on the lips then swan dived back down on my cock.

It was exhilarating, her lips parted and my cock slid along her tongue, down the precipice of her throat, into the very core of her love. The sensuality of her lips connecting to the base of my cock was incredible. My bride had given me blowjobs before, but this deep-throating had an unnamable element that joined us together emotionally as well as physically.

Holly felt my cock swell in her mouth. She knew I was ready to cum. With my cock deep in her throat she couldn't suck, so she swallowed.

A pleasant shudder sped down the entire length of my cock. Euphoric bliss washed over me as jets of cum rocketed from my cock. I groaned, "Cum... uh...cumming."

Holly swallowed every bit of my cum. Then she cooed, "I love you Brett. I love you so much."

"I love you more that I can ever express," I gasped back. My bride sat up. I replaced my cock in my boxers and zipped my trousers.

She took my hand and squeezed it. Her face was full of apprehension. She paused for a long moment. Drawing a deep breath, she said, "We need to talk."

Like every other male on the planet, I knew what those words meant. With trepidation I responded, "Okay."

"I'm concerned about the amount of college debt we owe."


"According to my calculations, it will take us a decade to it pay off. A decade of waiting to buy a house, a decade of waiting to have children, and a decade of waiting for our lives to be our own."

I frowned, perplexed. I asked, "Why are you bringing this up now?"

"Andre has offered to pay off all our debt," she said shaking the gift wrapped box. It rattled. She continued, "In this box is an unsigned check that will pay off our combined college debt."

"Sounds like there is something more than a check in that box," I huffed, feeling diminished.

"There is," admitted Holly. She bit her lip, girding herself with resolve. She spoke quietly, but firmly, "Inside this box is a chastity cage. For Andre to sign the check, I have to lock your cock in it while he fucks me."

I ranted, "That diabolical bastard wants you to be his whore."

"Whore, is such an ugly word." Holly's voice remained calm. "And, it's not just me that will be whoring for Andre. Not only does he want the pleasure of fucking me, he wants the pleasure of humiliating you while he's doing it."

"By locking my cock in cage," I murmured.

"Yeah, I know it's asking a lot. Can't you understand? Either we prostitute ourselves to Andre or we prostitute ourselves to our debt."

"It's not the same thing."

"Yes it is. We'll be getting fucked by our debt for a decade. Andre will just fuck us tonight."

"Why tonight?" I fussed.

"Legally our marriage isn't considered a binding contract until it has been consummated. Andre, being a lawyer, doesn't want you to be able to divorce me for adultery. He also thinks if he can thoroughly pleasure me, I'll leave you for him. It's quicker to get an annulment than a divorce."

"I knew it," I groaned, fighting back tears. It was like the schoolyard bully stealing my lunch money all over again.

Holly squeezed my hand, trying to reassure me. Softly, she said, "Andre has had the hots for me ever since I started working at the law firm. I let him know from the start that I was in love with you. And, if he continued making passes at me, I would bring a sexual harassment lawsuit against him and the firm. There could never be anything between Andre and me. I mean physically he is a black Adonis, but I find his arrogance unattractive. Sure I could fuck him, but I could never love him. I love you."

"So you really don't want to fuck Andre?" I asked hopeful, yet confused.

"I don't want to fuck him, but I'm willing to fuck him to be debt free. I'm just afraid of losing you."

"I think there's a bigger chance of me losing you than you losing me," I replied. A tear rolled down my face.

Holly lovingly wiped the tear from my check. She choked on her own emotion, "Don't believe everything you think. The truth is I could be with Andre if I wanted. But, I chose to marry you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. This is just for one night."

I knew Holly would grow to resent me with time if I didn't agree to Andre's proposal. Every time a college debt payment was sent, she would remember there had been a way to eliminate it entirely and I had failed to act upon it. I recalled my father's admonishment, "do whatever it takes to keep her." With a heavy sigh, I said, "I'll do whatever you want me to do."

Holly kissed me and tore the giftwrap from the box. Taking the unsigned check, she stuffed it in her cleavage. Then she took the cock cage out of the box while I reluctantly undid my trousers. She had put the cock-ring on me first. It was what held the whole device in place. Having just climaxed and with the anxiety of what was yet to transpire, I remained flaccid as my bride handled my genitalia.

My wife pulled a little scrotal skin through the stainless steel ring then pushed my left testicle through it. Taking a little more skin, she pushed the other testicle through the ring too. She bent my penis downward and pulled it through the ring. With the ring in place, she slipped the tip of my cock in the cage and pulled it up towards the ring. She lined up the hole in the cage and the guide pin on the ring and pushed until it could go no further.

With a metal click, my manhood was secured within the cock cage. My humiliation had begun. I stifled a sob. My wife locked its tiny padlock. Taking off her gold necklace, she slid the silver key on it and replaced it around her neck. The limo pulled in front of our hotel and my wife gave me a loving kiss on the lips.

Taking my hand, Holly hustled us through the hotel lobby. Noticing her wedding gown, the hotel's patrons greeted us with a "good luck" round of applause. Andre was sitting at the bar nursing a martini. He raised his glass in a mock salute. A drunk sitting next to him said loud enough for me to hear, "Look at her go. She can't wait to get the honeymoon started. Hope she's gets the fuckin' of her life tonight."

I surmised she would. Just not by me. My face redden with shame.

Firmly ensconced in the elevator, Holly pushed me against the wall. She claimed my lips with a hot tongue thrusting kiss.

My cock strained against the steel fortress that enclosed it. I whimpered into my wife's mouth.

She broke the kiss and caressed my check, saying, "Poor Baby, I know this is going to be difficult for you. It will be physically uncomfortable and emotionally painful. And, I'm sorry for that, just stay focused on the thought that after tonight we will be debt free."

"How about I focus on how much I love you," I stammered.

"Even better," she smiled. The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened with a loud ding. Clasping my hand, Holly led me to the bridal suite. After sliding the keycard through the lock, I pushed the door open and started to walk through it.

Holly grabbed my arm. With a cocked eyebrow, she asked, "Aren't you going to carry your bride across the threshold?"

"You want me to carry you across the threshold so another man can fuck you?" I asked, my voice cracking with disbelief.

"Tradition holds that if a bride isn't carried over the threshold on her wedding night it brings bad luck to the marriage," Holly insisted. She continued to think long-range while I continued to struggle with the short-term.

I calmed and lifted my petite bride into my arms and carried her into the room. I put her down and she dug her cell phone out of her purse.

"You strip. I'll send Andre a text," ordered Holly. Her thumbs quickly tapped out a message.

No sooner was I naked than there was a knock at the door. Panic stricken, I stared at the door. Another impatient knock followed.

Holly gave me a heartening kiss then commanded, "Open it."

I nodded as more demanding thumps came from behind the door. Shuffling to the door with heavy footsteps, I tried to swallow the sour taste of powerlessness in my mouth. I opened the door with a downward gaze of mortification.

Andre burst into the room. He looked me over, standing naked save for the chastity cage around my cock. His scrutiny fell on Holly, still fully dressed in her wedding gown. He licked his lips and said, "I thought maybe you changed your mind."

"Not at all," replied Holly. She pulled the blank check from her cleavage and placed it on the table. Nodding my direction, she stated, "Brett is caged and compliant as per your request. Sign the check so we can get this over with."

"Not so fast. I'm not signing until I've emptied both my balls inside you. Understand?"

Holly nodded, but added, "As long as you understand, no anal."

"Fair enough," he replied. He turned to me and said, "Brett, you can stop me from fucking your beautiful bride at any time. Simply say stop, but if you do, I won't sign the check."

I nodded with a snivel.

"Aren't you going to give me the same instructions?" asked Holly.

"Once you get a look at my pussy-tamer, you won't be able to say stop," Andre replied winking at me. Laughing he added, "But, if you say stop, I will and we'll call the whole deal off."

Put off by his cockiness, Holly frowned. Forcing a smile, she said, "Let's get started. Brett, come unzip my dress."

I staggered like a drunkard behind my wife. After she lifted the veil out of the way, I slid the zipper down. The white gown slid along her petite frame and puddled on the floor. Giving me a comforting half-grin, she held my arm and stepped out of the dress.

The strapless gown had not required a bra so she hadn't wore one. Cupping each of her small breasts, she pinched her nipples to hardness. She giggled at Andre's sudden intake of breath.

His eyes were carnivore-hungry as they traversed the creamy white flesh of her breasts. In a couple of strides, he crossed the room and took my wife into his arms. He covered her mouth in a demanding kiss, driving his tongue into her mouth like he wanted to drive his cock into her cunt.

She returned his kiss with vigor. As he showered hot kisses on her lips, neck and breasts, she surrendered to the pleasure with a sigh.

I sobbed. My heart ached. My wife had never seemed sexier to me than in this moment, in another man's arms. My heart ached. I sobbed again.

Looking at me with cool blue eyes, Holly silently urged me to buck-up. She reached for my hand and gave it an encouraging squeeze.

Andre's expression was one of delight. He was taking pleasure from my emotional suffering. Leering at me, he lowered his head and sucked one of my wife's nipples into his mouth.

Gasping, she dropped my hand and placed it behind Andre's head urging him to suckle. His large hand completely covered her other breast. He squeezed it before playfully pinching it. He quit sucking on her nipple and flicked his tongue against it until she moaned. Looking up from her breast, he winked at me and I winched.

From the way he was touching her, I could tell he was set on pleasuring her. My mind reeled, he really did think he could pleasure my wife away from me. Coupling his pleasing style with my complete humiliation, I thought he might even succeed.

Suddenly, Holly pushed Andre away from her breasts. She flopped down in an overstuffed chair and commanded, "Andre, get undressed. Brett, come here and get me ready to fuck."

Dazed, I obediently dropped to my knees in front of my seated wife. Hooking my thumbs in the waistband of her white lacey thong, I pulled it down her legs as she raised her hips. It clung provocatively to her wetness and I had to jerk it from her pussy.

"Give me," demanded Andre and I placed the damp thong in his outstretched hand. He had stripped and stood beside my wife's chair. He brought the lacey garment up to his face and inhaled her aroma. His big black cock danced across his fit abdomen in response to her heady scent. He ordered me, "Lick Holly's pussy, Brett. I want you to taste how wet she is for me."

"I need to be wet to take on that monster," Holly stated flatly, not taking her eyes off of Andre's massive man-meat. She handed me a tube of a fruit-flavored lubricant. She said, "You better get me lubed up good, Sweetie."

A wave of worthlessness washed over me, I whimpered. Resigned, I spread Holly's legs, revealing the sexual wonders of her pussy. My bride was a natural blonde and she usually kept a just little thatch of light pubic hair above her bald labia as a reminder of that fact. Her pussy lips pouted for attention and glistened with excitement.

"You have a very beautiful pussy, Holly," Andre voiced his approval with awe. Bringing my wife's thong up to his face, he deeply inhaled her aroma again. He looked adoringly down at her as his hard thick black cock dangled in her face. Haughtily, he demanded, "Suck it. My cock has been craving your hot pussy since the day I met you. When I stick it in you, I want it to last a long, long time."

Holly never took her eyes off mine as she grasped his cock. She wanted me to see exactly what she was doing. Her wedding ring made contact with his hard shaft and my breath caught in my throat. Slowly, she leaned forward and kissed his bulbous cockhead. Then she swirled her tongue around it. She traced her tongue down his throbbing length, teasing the tender underside, he shivered intensely.

Reaching for Andre's walnut-sized balls, Holly gobbled them up. She sucked enthusiastically on them while stroking his shaft. Clutching the back of the chair, he fought off the urge to cum with a groan. Spitting out his balls, she slithered her tongue up the sensitive underside of his stiffness. When she reached the top of his cock, she clamped her mouth over its head and sucked earnestly. Unable to accommodate all his cock in her mouth, she continued stroking his remaining shank. Her eyes were glazed with lust as she sucked his cock, but they held no gleam of love.

Catching her sex scent, my imprisoned cock strained against its cage. Taking the cap from the lubricant, I squeezed a large dollop into my hand. Huffing air into my hand, I felt the lubricant grow warm. Liberally, I rubbed it over my wife's labia. I worked a finger into her soaked snatch. My wife moaned her pleasure around Andre's cock. I lowered my head between her legs.

It was mind-blowing and heart-rending at the same time. I was preparing my wife's pussy to receive another man's cock. My feelings were a boiling cauldron of conflicting emotions and frustrating sentiments.

Using my teeth, I nipped one of her pussy lips and gently tugged it from side to side. I exposed her clit. Forcefully, I pressed the flat of my tongue against it. My wife groaned and pushed my face deeper into her cunt. Pursing my lips, I sucked vigorously on her clit. Spitting our Andre's cock, she lifted her butt up off the chair. I fought to keep my mouth on her clit as she bucked her pussy into my face. Gently, I bit her clit, pushing her over the edge of orgasm.

She cried out, "Cumming!"

After she recovered, she looked down at me. Her expression confirmed our bond. Silently, she mouthed, "I love you."

Holly returned her attention to Andre's throbbing black cock. It was longer and thicker than mine so she wasn't able to deep-throat him. So she sucked hard on his cockhead while slowly pumping her hand up and down his shaft.

Placing his hand on her head, Andre lovingly caressed her blonde head. He smirked at me and softly repeated, "Good girl, good girl."

When it became apparent to her that Andre was about to cum, Holly increased her suction. Hollowing her cheeks, she stroked him faster. She locked her eyes with mine with the first spurt of his cum.

Andre hissed like a cobra as cum blasted from his cock, spewing into Holly's mouth. Squeezing his massive balls, she coaxed every drop from him.

Once he was done, Holly opened her mouth, showing Andre that he had filled her mouth with his jizz. She pulled me into a kiss and snowballed his cum into my mouth.

A wave of revulsion washed over me. Gagging, I spat and sputtered while Andre laughed at me. I hadn't expected Holly to help him degrade me. Feeling betrayed I glared at my wife.

"Your humiliation, his pleasure," she said with a pacifying tone. As if to punctuate the point, another huge dollop of cum dripped from the tip of Andre's cock.

He was so aroused that his massive member refused to soften. His cock was so swollen that every vein protruded. It throbbed with each beat of his heart right in Holly's face.

"I'm sorry, Brett," she said, darting a shamefaced glance at me. Biting her lip, she battled her trepidation. Deciding the issue, she looked up at Andre and said, "I'm so sexually turned on by you right now. Let's fuck."

Hearing my loving bride so eagerly give herself to another man was painful. I closed my eyes to hide the tears. I knew I loved Holly, but it wasn't until that moment of emotional agony that I knew just how deeply I did love her.

"I'm going to make you cum until you pass out," bragged Andre as my wife led him to the bed by his erection.

Holly got on the bed and rolled onto her back. Salaciously spreading her legs, she offered him her most precious treasure. Her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation. A tiny rivulet of excitement escaped her cunt and ran down her bare thigh just above her stocking top. As Andre joined her on the bed, she pleaded, "Put your big black cock inside me, Andre. Fuck me."

Time stopped. The moment of catastrophic dread had arrived. It was like watching a car wreck as he eased between my bride's legs. Holly greedily grabbed his cock, aiming it at her wanton wetness. Her swollen pussy lips were penetrated by his stout cockhead. She closed her eyes and focused on the enjoyable sensation.

I was mesmerized by the scandalous sight. It was so strange, watching my wife receive another man's cock. I realized this was the place where pain, pleasure and surrender all intersected. It's the place most men feared to tread.

As the first thick inch of Andre's cock sank into her body, Holly flinched and cried out at the intense pleasure. With a determined grimace, she undulated her hips upward and attempted to capture more his big black cock inside her.

He pushed more of his long shaft into Holly and she encouraged him, panting and pleading with him to give her every inch of his cock. Withdrawing just a bit of his cock from her cunt, he elicited a protest from my wife. He revealed her shiny wetness on his ebony cock to me and challenged, "Want me to stop, Brett?"

Holly's eyes held a desperate glint as I looked at her. She shook her head, silently pleading for the copulation to continue. Unsure if she wanted to persist for the money or for the pleasure, I closed my eyes to think.

My emotions were on a rollercoaster ride, rising and plunging with each passing thought. A humiliating tear ran down my cheek. I nodded my continued consent.

"Uh-uh, tell me you want me to fuck your wife," demanded Andre with a haughty smirk.

Helplessly, I wept, "Please... fuck ... Holly."

Jubilantly, he laughed at my humiliation. He enjoyed it so much he curled his toes to keep from climaxing. Once he regained control, he resumed sinking his thick cock back into my wife.

Silently, watching as this big black man slid his bare cock into my wife's willing cunt and listening to her coo with pleasure was the most humiliating experience of my life. Yet, my own traitorous cock strained against its steel enclosure, laboring to become erect. The emotional contradictions were overwhelming my mind.

Holly arched her back as Andre worked his cock into her tight snatch. Looking at me with a terrible confession in her eyes, she reached for my hand. Giving voice to her disorientation, she whimpered, "Brett...Baby...I'm sorry. His cock feels...feels...so good, so good. Forgive...please...forgive me."

Taking my wife's hand, I gave her a reassuring kiss. As our tongues intertwined, Andre pushed his remaining inches into my wife's cunt.

She broke the kiss and barked, "Fuuuuuck!"

"You're pussy is tight," growled Andre gratified. At last, he was balls deep in her pussy. He paused, allowing her to adjust to his gigantic girth.

"Pussy...full...so full," groaned Holly. She had taken every thick inch of him. Her cunt lips were stretched around his cock so tightly they were colored more white than pink. Gritting her teeth, she clutched my hand hard. Her entire body trembled as she hollered, "Aaaaaaaah, Fuuucckk!"

Andre snarled and bit his lip to keep from busting his nut as my wife's climaxing cunt constricted tightly around his cock.

"I... can't believe...all of it... inside me," huffed my wife. She had just experienced her first ever cock-penetration-only orgasm.

"Wait till you feel this," boasted Andre. Flexing his ass, he sent a tremor down the length of his manhood. He grinned at me as Holly gasped. Every single inch of his immense cock vibrated inside her. He repeated the maneuver several more times, driving her to the edge of orgasm and almost insane.

Distraught by the raw sexual spectacle before me, I let go of my wife's hand. I had become a helpless spectator.

Straining to orgasm again, Holly twisted and turned on Andre's cock. She cried out with intense pleasure as he sent another shudder down his length. Another climax tore through her body and she screamed in orgasmic relief.

Andre growled, fighting off orgasm as my wife's cunt violently convulsed around his cock like she was demon-possessed.

Peering up at me with remorse, Holly silently mouthed, "I'm sorry."

"I love you," I returned in like manner. I did love her, but it was so bizarre to watch my bride's decadent copulation with Andre.

Slowly, he withdrew his cock until just the head remained. He paused in that position while Holly's labia wrapped around his cockhead, trying to draw it back into her cunt. When she whimpered and lifted her hips, he would reward her with the full penetration of his behemoth. He made her frantic with want until she was a whimpering puddle of need. His eyes were lust filled. He wielded his cock like a weapon against me, conquering my wife with it.

I listened with dismay to her muffled cries of pleasure. My wife's moans and groans cut me like a knife. Each thrust of his cock was like a stab in my heart. With another gut-wrenching scream, she climaxed for him again.

Andre completely withdrew his cock from Holly's now gaping gash despite her grumbled protest. He ordered her to roll over. Submissively, she complied positioning herself on all-fours with her head down and ass up. It was like she wanted me to witness her surrender in order to alleviate the guilt she felt for enjoying his cock. He reinserted his thick inches into her quivering quim as she squealed with delight.

Sensing Holly could now accommodate his huge size, Andre gripped her hips and pounded his cock into her pussy with ruthless force. Repeatedly, he drove his black spear into my willing wife's body as she babbled her elation. He changed rhythm, pausing unpredictably. Only to slowly glide his cock back into her like a deep probe. The he slapped her ass and used just his cockhead, stabbing it in and out of her pussy rapidly.

Holly looked back at me. She bit her lip as her body's pleasure wrestled with her guilt-ridden emotions. Her blue eyes pleaded. She croaked, "Please, Sweetie, please."

"It's okay for you to fuck him," I whispered, releasing her.

Emotionally emancipated, my wife held nothing back. She looked animalistic on all-fours. Grunting and groaning, she gleefully greeted each thrust of his massive manhood. She climaxed yet again on Andre's cock, much to his delight. Her body shook. She wailed, "Uh, cumming, um, cumming."

Unable to control his animalistic urges, Andre fucked Holly like a rutting stag. Ruthlessly, he thrust into her simply because I was standing there powerless. He pummeled her pussy with his massive meat, driving her face first into the bed. Viciously pulling her up by her hair, he repositioned her back on all fours, she screeched a protest. His monster cock completely disappeared into her pussy. Tears ran down her face as he bottomed out against her cervix. His eyes rolled over as his orgasm overtook him. As he pumped powerful jets of cum into my wife, she stayed perfectly still. He roared like a conquering lion, "Raaaaaahhh!"

I couldn't rip my eyes away as Andre emptied himself into my bride. My ears rang with his blissful bellows. Just as I thought he had finished, his balls would tighten again and he would send another stream of cum deep into my wife's pussy.

Finally with his balls emptied Andre softened and his black python slipped out Holly's pussy. She collapsed into a heap on the bed. Het cunt lips gaped open and semen trickled out of her well-fucked gash.

Andre flopped down on the bed next to Holly. He asked, "Have I changed your mind?"

My breath caught in my throat and I felt faint. I questioned the wisdom of emotionally releasing her. Would she return to me? Had Andre pleasured her away from me?

"No, my feelings have not changed." she replied sitting up. "What we just experienced was physical pleasure, but it wasn't love. I won't settle for anything less than love."

Defeated, he rose from the bed and got dressed. Buttoning his shirt, he sadly said, "Deep down, I always knew we would end up here. It doesn't make it easy for me. I care about you, Holly."

"I love Brett," Holly said with guilty eyes. She added, "I love my husband even more now than before you fucked me, Andre. The silent pain on his face expresses the deep love he has for me. You could never endure what he just endured and he did it for me."

"You're right of course, Holly. I could never watch you fuck another man. I usually get what I want and I don't like to share. But, I can be a gracious loser too." Andre said. He signed the check on the desk. Looking forlorn, he concluded, "I want you to have a happy life."

"Thank you," she replied coldly. She felt nothing for Andre.

Reaching for the doorknob, Andre paused and looked at me. A tear trickled down his cheek. He said to me, "It's a terrible thing having someone for just one night then knowing you'll never have them again. Brett, I envy you. Your wife really does love you."

"Quit it, Andre," snapped Holly. Her eyes were blue ice. She seethed, "You made me your whore and cuckolded my husband in the process. You don't get to be noble now, so just leave."

Silently, he nodded and walked out of our lives. The door closed and we were alone. The silence was deafening. We looked at each other, searching for the other's feelings. Finally, Holly admitted, "We're debt free now, but I feel very ashamed about what just happened. Are you okay?"

"I could really go for one of your kisses right now," I replied joining her on the bed.

She tenderly and softly kissed me, sending a comforting tingle to my core. Breaking the kiss, Holly caressed my cheek and said, "You've been hurt so bad, yet you still love me. I admire your heart and love you all more for it."

"Everyone says love hurts, but that's not true. Losing someone hurts, even Andre figured that out. Love is the only thing that takes away the pain," I said, voicing my overwrought emotions.

"You've suffered enough. I think it's time to consummate our marriage," Holly said, removing her necklace. She unlocked the cage holding my cock captive and removed it.

A wave of passion wash over me. My cock hardened as blood rushed to it. It was almost painful. I whimpered.

Holly opened the nightstand drawer and said, "I'm going to take you into my depths were no one else has ever been."

Confused I looked in the drawer and found more goodies from her bachelorette party. Inside the drawer were a hypodermic-style lube applicator and a container of thick anal lubricant. I glanced at my wife, who pursed her lips and blew me a kiss. Smiling, I pulled the plunger from the applicator and poured the lubricant into the barrel. I replaced the plunger. And after considering its destination, I spread lube on the outside of the applicator.

Holly rolled over, drawing her knees up under herself. She pushed her butt up in the air and presented her posterior to me. Spent cum dripped from her distended pussy lips. Her pretty pink pucker winked an invitation.

Placing the applicator between her butt-cheeks, I penetrated her anus with it. I pressed down on the plunger, pushing the thick lube into her ass. It was infused with a mint extract to help relax the sphincter. Removing the applicator, I wiggled two fingers carefully into her butthole. Twisting them in clockwise and counter-clockwise motions, I stimulated her anus, relaxing it. I spread my fingers open like scissors, stretching her rectum. Satisfied that her ass was ready for penetration, I tapped her well anointed anus with the blunt helmet of my cock.

She whispered, "Fuck my ass, Sweetie."

I slid slowly into my wife's asshole as she gasped in the rapture of pained-pleasure. Puffing and panting, she clutched the sheets white-knuckled. My wife looked over her shoulder at me with pain-glazed eyes. When her butthole had completely consumed my cock, she barked. I paused, feeling her tightness on every inch of my cock. In my excitement, I no longer saw Holly as my sweet bride, but as an erotic creature. I loved her so. Taking my time, I slowly withdrew my cock from her butt. When it was ready to escape her anus, I just as slowly slid it back into her. I repeated this tease again and again.

Holly's pain faded quickly and was replaced by hedonistic desire. Blissfully, she encouraged me. Telling me how much she loved me and the way I was fucking her.

My lust grew. I gripped her hips. I pounded my cock into her ass precipitately. Blood roared in my ears. I buried myself into her. I cried out as white light burst in my brain and cum blasted from my cock. My passion drained with each lustful spurt.

"Fill me with your cum, Lover" she cried. Her hand fumbled between us. She found then squeezed my balls as they emptied into her. She cooed tenderly, "Cum, Sweetie, cum."

The last spurt of cum shot from my cock and I caught my breath. Leaving my cock in her ass, I reached between Holly's legs. I pushed my fingers firmly against her agitated clit. Curtly, I commanded, "Cum for me, cum now."

The pressure I was placing on Holly's clit combined with the fullness of my cock in her ass. The volatile mixture detonated into orgasm. A shockwave of intense pleasure shook her whole body. Ejaculate exploded from her cunt, splattering on the bed. Euphorically, she wailed, "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"That's it," I cheered.

Completely spent, Holy collapsed on the bed barely conscious. With a grimaced grunt, she expelled my softening cock from her ass.

Freed from her clutching anal passage, I crumpled on the bed next to her. Panting, I gasped, "I've never cum so hard in my life."

Holly chuckled as she cuddled up to me. Rubbing her belly, she said, "Wow, that was so amazing. That was the first time I've ever ejaculated. I thought my pussy was turning inside out."

"I'm so glad you enjoyed it. The only thing I love more than watching you cum is making you cum," I rejoined triumphantly.

She rested her head on my chest. Her voice trembled as she asked, "Brett, do you still love me?"

"I love you more than ever," I said, squeezing my bride tight.


great story, thank you! my wedding day is coming soon so your story was very special to read.