Debbie's Island Adventure

I am an attractive single woman from the Midwest who recently had a wild sexual experience that I would like to share with your readers. My name is Debbie and I am 30, 5'5',112 pounds with a slender, well toned body and strawberry blond hair.
Last month I went to the Virgin Islands for a week with three of my girlfriends and we really partied our asses off. One night the locals were having a wild Carnival celebration that included some rather skimpy costumes and some pretty raunchy public behavior.
I was already quite buzzed by dinner time and wanted to join in the fun but my girlfriends were leery of venturing off of the resort property at night and mingling with the locals. I tried to shame them into it by calling them prudes and in response one of my friends dared me to go out alone "if I you're such a wild thing."
Not willing to back down, I changed into a skimpy cut off t-shirt and a rather short pleated skirt and at the last minute decided to leave off my panties. I felt deliciously naughty as I left the compound, my ass and pussy barely covered by my short little skirt.
The streets were full of people, mostly dark skinned locals with a few tourists mixed in. Every one seemed to be dancing and drinking and when a smiling local woman offered me a huge glass of rum punch I gladly accepted.
As I got deeper into the crowd I saw less and less tourists and by the end of the first block I realized that I was the only white person in a sea of sweaty Black bodies. As I finished my incredibly strong drink I became quite drunk and stood there swaying to the music feeling high as a kite.
When a small parade passed by everyone moved out of their way and I found myself unable to move a muscle, pinned in the middle of the cheering crowd. When I felt someone pressed tight against me from behind I looked over my shoulder to see a tall handsome young Black smiling down at me.
I returned his smile and as I turned back to watch the parade I felt him shift his position a little and became aware of a rather large cock pressed against my ass cheeks. I tried at first to move away from him but the tightly packed crowd made that impossible. Then I felt him start to grow hard and in a minute I had a huge hardon pressed right into the crack of my ass.
I had never really been attracted to Black men before, especially the nasty homeboys back in Detroit, but this smiling young guy seemed harmless. Feeling rather drunk and naughty, I leaned back against him a little and squeezed my cheeks around his throbbing shaft. Encouraged by my response, he humped against me a little and then briefly broke off contact.
When he made contact again his dick felt even hotter and I realized that he had pulled his cock out of his pants and was now rubbing his huge hardon directly against the thin material of my skirt. I could actually feel it throbbing against my ass and I wondered just how far he would go right here in the streets.
I was getting incredibly turned on and didn't mind when I felt his hands caressing my bare thighs just below the hem of my skirt. Then his hands moved further up my thighs and I felt my skirt slide up over my hips, letting his big cock rub directly against my bare asscheeks. I let out a soft gasp when his hot throbbing cock first touched my smooth skin and I felt him slowly sliding it between my firm fleshy cheeks.
I felt totally wicked for letting this happen in public but also terribly excited. No one around us could tell what we were doing so I leaned my head back against his chest and let him continue.
I felt him rub the swollen tip of his cock along my crack and then felt it move down towards my pussy. I tensed up, thinking he was about to try and fuck me right in the middle of the crowd but he pushed his dick between my upper thighs and rubbed his thick shaft back and forth against my already moist pussy lips.
The sensation of his hard shaft rubbing my lips was incredible and I felt my juices running out to coat his cock which only increased my pleasure. He was much taller than me which put quite a bit of pressure against my crotch, so much that he was almost lifting me up in the air with his amazing dark tool.
I looked down and could see the fat swollen tip and first few inches of his dark shaft poking out from between my thighs. I couldn't resist reaching down to caress his dark tool and gently squeeze the swollen tip.
For the first time he spoke, whispering "Missy like that big black dick, yes?" I could only nod in agreement as my passion grew. At that point the crowd started to break up and he quickly stuffed his cock back in his pants and let my skirt fall back in place. I let out a little moan of disappointment but he grabbed my hand saying "Don't worry Missy, I take good care of you. Come!"
He led me by the hand into a dark alley and I followed after, my head spinning from alcohol and lust. Once out of sight of the street, he took me in his arms and gave me a long passionate kiss which I eagerly returned. He rammed his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it with growing passion. When he finally broke the kiss I grabbed for his crotch and murmured "Please, fuck me!"
He chuckled in response and said "Oh yes missy, soon enough I fuck you good. But first you must taste, yes?" while whipping out his huge Black tool. Caught up in passion I slid to my knees and licked up and down his dark shaft while gently squeezing his large testicles. Then I wrapped my lips around the tip of his enormous cock and sucked on the swollen head and first few inches while squeezing the thick shaft with my hand.
His dark cock tasted quite strong and musky and I found it pleasantly different from other cocks I had tasted. He was groaning softly and playing gently with my long blonde hair which I happen to love. "Yes Missy, suck my cock!"I heard him say and in response I bobbed my head even faster.
Suddenly he stepped back, pulled me to my feet and turned me so that I was facing the wall. He stepped behind me, lifted up my flimsy skirt and set the tip of his cock between my sopping wet pussy lips. With one strong thrust he buried his cock deep into my body, filling me with his long thick cock.
Grabbing my hips he began fucking me with long powerful thrusts, sliding his cock in and out at a fast pace. His cock was easily the biggest I had ever experienced and his talented fucking quickly brought me to a powerful orgasm.
As my pussy spasmed and clamped down on him he kept fucking me with short hard strokes that only intensified my cum. His own orgasm followed right after mine and I felt his cock spurt deep inside me as he let out a series of intense grunts.
After giving me a quick kiss he disappeared and I walked back to the resort in a daze, thinking that the next homeboy that called me "Wild thing" was in for a very pleasant surprise.