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DC/VA/MD metro area: MBM for MWF

Today is Friday, May 22, 2015. I am a married black man, 6-2, 245, dark, handsome, well-educated, professional, and a former athlete. I am interested in establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with a Married White/Hispanic/Asian Woman or like couple in the Northern Virginia, DC metro area.

I envision three components to make this effort worthwhile: Chemistry, Trust, and Respect.
- Chemistry (a mutual attraction) is beyond our control; it will or won't be present and we will both know it.
- Trust, for me, is a commitment to our shared need for discretion and privacy.
- Respect is our commitment to decisions and actions that acknowledge our respective needs, limits, and circumstances.

I am in Arlington, VA.
You are a perfect black man! Hate that we are not in closer proximinity! Would love to share just one hour of your fine ass. Have a great time on this site, I'm sure you will get the cream of the crop!!
You are very generous and kind with your comments--Thank you. You have a way about you that makes me long for the sultry heat of the Bayou state and the sweetness of its sugar. Trooper
Baby us southern girls want to be shown that what we thought was a good fuck was nothing more than a few hours of messing around. We want some of these fuckin Yankee dicks to venture out of the north and bring them black bitches that look like fuckin bull dicks down here and share the wealth with us horny for a great fuck white girls.