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david Johnson

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Hello community i have been here for some years and actually deleted my first profile due to nobody really responding or trying to hook up. Since then i have gotten plenty of offers but most turn into just that offers. Nobody has yet to come thru well one so called couple but turned out to be just the hubby pretending he was with his wife.i live fairly close to many of you couples. I travel from san diego to the inland empire and sometimes in Oxnard ca. Still looking to meet a woman who serves bbc. Want to try it out or just loves a good cum filled session of satisfaction. I have given my number to a few of you sexy couples and beautiful woman. Sadly im still looking to release the monster. Maybe with this i can get lucky. I have uploaded many pics and have maybe 3 threads up. Feel free to message me anytime. Have a great rest of the week and i hope all the wives and husbands get what they want from here. Ciao