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Date Night


Real Person
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Just getting up from a very good night and morning. As you know I had a date with Derrick last night and right off the bat when he came and picked me up I knew it was going to be good. He came inside before we left and sat on the couch told me to come over to him and he spared his legs and said I need a BJ to start off this night. Well I went right to my knees unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and went to work. Not having good access to his whole cock and balls I just gave him a good shaft and head sucking till he shot his load down my throat! What a way to start the night :). So went up stairs and rinsed with Listerine and off we went. So we ended up at a club and meet up with some of his friends and there white gf's which all were younger than me but we had a great time dancing and drinking. Then about 1 am Derrick said he was ready to leave. But we didn't go to his place we went back to mine and he tells me he wants to fuck me in my bed. Well usually my hubby knows when I'm going to have someone in our bed so I was a little hesitant about it cause he does work with him. He says come on baby and I gave in without thinking about it again! We got to my bedroom and Derrick grabbed me and damn near tore my top off! This was a different side of him I hadn't seen cause the last time it was gentle and loving. Anyway he tells me to take my clothes off and be quick about it and then take mine off. Got to say I was very turned on by this attitude. So after I stripped and took his stuff off he threw me on the bed and pulled me to the edge spread my legs and shoved his cock in me hard! I was a little wet but damn it hurt and he started fucking me hard and deep calling me his white cougar whore! I was shocked and thrilled at the same time it hurt so much but at the same time felt so good. It was like he was raping me with a vengeance! After a bit he rolled me on over to all 4's and fucked me doggy slapping my ass as he fucked me. Glad I was home cause I was screaming my head off then he finally unload inside me. I thought to myself damn I'm glad he was done! But he wasn't after his cum oozed out of my swollen sore pussy he took it and wiped it on my ass hole and his cock and shoved his cock in my ass! Holy fuck I thought my pussy hurt when he did that to me but god damn that really hurt! So he fucked my ass as he pulled my hair and slapped my ass till he came again! When he pulled out of my ass he shoved me on the bed and said how did you like that you white whore? I told him that he can have this whore anytime he wanted! Your damn right he said. Then he tells me to go clean up so we can go to bed. I got out of bed and I could barely walk to the bathroom I haven't been fucked like that in years and I loved it :). So we went to bed and I'm thinking what is hubby going to say in the morning cause he wasn't going to expect this but I didn't care. So I woke up looked over at the clock and my husband wasn't home yet I'm thinking may be he's working overtime or just stayed late when all of a sudden Derrick puts his arm around me and starts playing with my breasts were laying sideways with my ass to him. He's kissing my shoulder and fondling my breasts and nipples and I'm getting turned on again and I can feel his cock growing. He enters me from the back laying side ways and starts fucking me gentle like the first time we fucked. It feels good and I'm thinking to myself damn I'm never going to know how were going to fuck from now on. Derrick finished off and when he got out of bed he gives me a kiss and slaps me on the ass and says baby those young white girls have nothing on you! That made me feel really good and made my day :wub:. Tracey