date night text message

So my gorgeous 31 yr old wife is at her bbc bf place. I am home in my required panties and chastity cage. I get a text. "honey going to be a long night. I'll try to be home by midnight. Do the dishes and clean. Ttyl."

I'm guessing i will only be allowed a few licks. She usually comes back sore. But tomorrow I'll be allowed to give oral as long as i want. Yay!!!
Well she got home around 1am and was totally sore. She was a trooper though and let me give her oral and finger her to two orgasms. Then she had me keep my pink lace panties on to cuddle. Good news is every second date I get a ruined orgasm so next time I get to cum!!

Sorry kc not sure how to screenshot the msg without capturing private info.
Well she has another date night tonight, her second since my last squirting (what she calls when I cum) which means I get a ruined orgasm tonight! She asked that I put on my crotchless pink panties while she is gone.