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Enjoy an excerpt from one of my erotic stories 'Daniela Attends her Clients', taken from my recent work: WIFE BREEDING TEAM AND OTHER STORIES. Find another excerpt here: http://shangoreturns.blogspot.com.ng/2016/05/wife-breeding-team-excerpt.html

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The other men rose from where they sat and came and clustered around the women. Joyce was somewhat nervous with the way they fawned over her. Daniela appeared delighted and just as comfortable with them, taking turns to acknowledge each man. Joyce knew she was about to witness a part of Daniela she hadn’t yet been exposed to; she was about to see how much of a slut she was.

“It’s getting quite hot in here,” Daniela remarked as she looked about the room. “You guys have anything to drink?”

“Oh yes,” Aminu said.

He instructed Sani to shut the windows and turn on the air-conditioner. One of the uniformed men brought a bottle of liquor and some glasses. Sani gestured at Joyce to join them at the table where the uniformed man was busy filling glasses with liquor and handing them over. Aminu offered a glass to Daniela who thanked him for it and then picked a second and gave it to Joyce.

“Here you go, lovely,” he said.

Each man had a glass in hand and they cheered and gulped down their drink. Joyce waited for Daniela to consume hers before tipping her drink into her mouth. She squeezed her eyes shut and gasped as she felt the acrid, exotic liquor’s taste burn a fiery trail down her throat. She quickly drained her glass and gasped once more when she felt it splash down in her gut. She gazed at Daniela, listened to the laughing voices in the room and thought she felt the room slightly tilt for a moment. Daniela was looking at her too and laughing.

“You okay, Joyce?”

“Yeah . . . yeah, I guess. Wow! That was some strong stuff,” Joyce said.

“This is local Nigerian brew,” Aminu explained. “None of that adulterated stuff you all import from America. This is stuff only real people consume.”

“Damn, I feel woozy already,” Joyce felt her hand upon her brow like she was feeling an onset of fever or something.

“Maybe you’re like to sit down,” one of the men suggested.

Joyce allowed the man to lead her toward a chair beside the table. She sat there still feeling her head while the fun in the room commenced without her. Someone had put on some music. Joyce looked up and realized to her astonishment Daniela had relieved herself of her jacket and handbag. Sani claimed the jacket from her and folded it somewhere while the other men clustered together watching her give them a little dance.

She wore a tight spandex outfit that accentuated every length of her body: the curve of her hips, the roundness of butt, and including her breasts. She looked like a classic Wonder Woman than the typical middle-aged housewife Joyce knew her to be. The men were clapping their hands while hooting at her outfit. Daniela couldn’t help but turn around and shake her butt at them.

“I hope you gentlemen are ready to listen to my proposal,” Daniela teased. “And I hope you all came prepared for me today.”

The men were hastily rushing out of their clothes. One of them went and shut the door and turned the key in the lock. Joyce watched with disbelief how frantic they were to get naked. Neither seemed bothered about her presence, not even Daniela who patiently waited on them.

Aminu and the rest of his colleagues discarded their clothes in a bundle beside the bed and stroked their hard-ons for her. Daniela stroked Aminu’s cock in one hand and another man’s cock in her other and was stroking them in tandem while Sani and the other crowded around her. She was all giggles as their hands groped and fondled every part of her exposed body.

“I’ve got an Arts project coming up in mid-September,” she moaned and wet her lips with her tongue. “I’m going to need help with usual funding.”

“Let’s just like last time,” Aminu answered. “Let’s see how bad you want it first.”

Sani reached behind her back for her outfit’s zipper and pulled it down, exposing her flesh to everyone in the room. Daniela bent forward, sticking her butt upright so Sani and his colleague could wiggle her spandex outfit down her hips. She had nothing else on. Daniela locked lips with Aminu while the others assisted with stripping her naked. Her hands went back to stroking two cocks. She bent forward to suck Aminu’s cock after they were done discarding her clothes.

Joyce was the lone spectator in the room. She watched spellbound as the men caressed and groped her friend’s body, each man taking turns to finger-fuck her pussy. Joyce thought the wooziness she earlier felt was gradually reducing.

Daniela fell to her knees and went back and forth sucking each cock that got pushed at her face while her hands kept busy stroking the others. Each man groaned approvingly at her multitasking skills. Some of them bent forward to grasp her butt while another continued ramming his finger deep into her cunt. Daniela gave each man a reasonable amount of blowjob, groaning the whole time she did. Joyce watched each man take turns holding her head with both hands and thrusting their erection down her friend’s throat. She herself had before never been privy to such form of exotic punishment. To think that this was what Daniela had brought her along to come and witness.

The men pulled Daniela to her feet and led her to the bed. One of them was already there waiting for her, stroking his cock with his legs spread apart. Daniela bent forward to suck his cock while Aminu propped his foot onto the bed as he worked the head of his penis between her ass cheeks. Daniela unleashed a mewling response, though her concentration was on the black man’s cock that was in her mouth.

Aminu grabbed her by her waist and gave an approval groan as he shoved his meat into her. The other man rested his hand on Daniela’s head forcing her to swallow his cock down to his crotch. She slid onto the bed resting her knees on the bed thus giving Aminu enough access to fuck her with ease. He too climbed onto the bed with his thighs spread on either side, his hands gripped her waist as he leaned forward jerking his hips back and forth, filling her pussy with his cock. His other colleagues stood back stroking their meat, watching and bantering back and forth while bidding their turn. Joyce thought they seemed content to wait.

Daniela was struggling to keep from moaning too loud, especially with her gagging down on the cock that was in her mouth. Each thrust Aminu gave shoved her forward till she had her face pressing against the other man’s thigh. Eventually the man whose cock she was sucking began groaning louder; his body tensed and he cursed aloud in his native language. His hand didn’t let go of Daniela’s head till the moment he shot his load of cum into her mouth.

This wasn’t Daniela’s first time of handling multiple men. Shango had on numerous occasions shared her with a couple of his friends; she had gotten accustomed to being double-penetrated and thoroughly enjoyed it. Her best moment for her was always looking forward to when anyone got to cum down her throat. She had her tongue lowered and her throat open and ready to receive the instant the man’s cock spurted semen into her mouth.

“Ahhh . . . Agghhh!” the man groaned repeatedly. The only part of him that moved was his hips still thrusting his pelvis against Daniela’s face.

Daniela continued tugging on his cock with her lips, even though still groaning from the pounding she was getting from behind. She slurped and ingested more cum even as the man’s penis grew weak and flaccid in her mouth. She struggled to lick clean every droplet of cum that spilled out of her mouth.

Aminu was gasping harder with each thrust he gave. His face squeezed into a grimace as he was slamming into her as hard as he could. The moment came when he retrieved his cock out of her cum-dripping pussy and sprayed his ejaculation over her ass cheeks. He felt a cold tremor run all over his body and thought for a second he was having a stroke as his penis continued oozing spurts of cum over her mound of ass. Daniela rubbed her palm over her butt when he was done and added his scooped-up cum to the little amount she carried in her mouth. She came off the bed and hurriedly sucked whatever leftovers she could get from Aminu.

Joyce was mesmerized with everything she saw happening before her eyes and prayed she would remember everything for later while storing the images in the back of her mind for future references

“There’s a good girl if ever I seen one,” Aminu remarked as he pushed himself away from Daniela.

He staggered backward, laughing when he bumped into one of the other men still patiently waiting.

The one lying on the bed rolled off as Sani then assumed his place and roughly forced Daniela’s face down on his crotch. His cock brushed against her nose but she quickly reached for it and was sucking his rod as another man lined up behind her. Strings of saliva rolled off the side of her mouth while she gagged and choked on Sani’s prick. The man behind her was like a brute the way he penetrated her pussy. Daniela stopped for a moment to let off a horny whimper when that happened; the man wasted no time giving it to her hard.

Aminu and the other stroked their pricks while urging their man to fuck her hard. Daniela was careful not to bite down on Sani’s prick jammed in her mouth while she jerked forward from the forced pounding she received. It grew hard for her to contain the groaning screams welling inside her body. The man grunted and exhaled harshly whilst fucking her hard. Daniela’s face was a glowing mask of hurt and lust. She almost thought the man intended ripping her in half. So much the man reminded her so much of how Master Shango often fucked her aggressively.

She fell forward on Sani’s thighs, gasping louder with immense pleasure. The man fell on top her backside, still working his girth past her vulva. Sani came off the bed and helped spread one of Daniela’s legs for his colleague who kept digging his cock deep into her vagina. Daniela reached across for Sani’s cock, stroking him fervently like a drowning victim scrambling to grasp a floating log. Her howls matched the smacking sounds of the man’s pelvis connecting with her butt. She felt her orgasm building deep down in her gut and would have wanted so much to reach between her thighs and massage her pussy to hurry it onward.

Joyce didn’t miss a thing from watching as well listening to her friend’s orgasmic squeals. She watched the way the man continue pinning her down, raising himself on his arms while his butt cheeks clenched each time he rammed into Daniela’s cunt. Where she back in the States, she definitely would have felt revolted witnessing such activity. But with everything she’d undergone from Master Shango lately, she couldn’t help being slightly turned on by it. Especially knowing as long as she remained stuck to Shango, it was only a matter of time before she got to experience such. It was so unbelievable yet true to observe Daniela and Shango’s other harem of white women as certified sluts who would open their legs for any black cock in the country to fuck. So weirdly fascinating and crazy to imagine.

The man slowed his pounding thrusts and grunted one last time before pulling out of Daniela. She turned over on her backside groaning refreshingly from the explosive orgasm her body unleashed seconds before. Sani knelt beside her head and Daniela willingly opened her mouth to receive his prick while the other nameless man fell on top of her. Bits of sweat splattered on her torso. Daniela squealed and wailed as the man’s girth drove into her cunt deeper and harder. Sani came away and Aminu took off getting a blowjob from her while the other man continued slamming down on her. Daniela didn’t enjoy some relief till the moment the man emptied his scrotum inside her pussy.

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