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Men - have you ever watched your wife do it on the dance floor?

  • Yes, love it

    Votes: 15 71.4%
  • Yes, I was pissed off

    Votes: 1 4.8%
  • No

    Votes: 1 4.8%
  • Going to try to get her to do it

    Votes: 4 19.0%

  • Total voters


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Once we were back in our room and in bed we started to fondle each other, with her arousal being extremely high. What ever had happened at the club had made her as sexual as I had ever seen her, so I asked her if she had enjoyed all the attention from the black guys. Telling her that I had noticed that they had put her into a state of arousal. Then as I stroked her pussy lips and clitoris I asked her if she fancied one of those black cocks to fuck her. She never answered but her pussy reacted by thrusting at my fingers, so I asked her again, with the same reaction, only more urgent thrusting at my playing with her, giving out a sexual moan from deep inside her and her pussy became wetter. Now I realized that she wanted one, so I kept on asking her if she wanted a big black cock deep inside her with me watching as she took it. My fingers were still playing with her pussy as I over and over asked her if she wanted to be fucked by a big black cock, all the time she was humping up at my hand moving faster and faster, getting into a sexual high that finally her sexual moans became a “yes I want to be fucked by a big black cock.”

At this I rolled on top of her, fucking her in away like we had never done before. Me asking her all the time if she wanted black cock, with her telling me that she was dying to get one between her legs. We both came together like never before and I stayed in her until becoming hard again all the time me asking the same question with Suzy telling me she wanted to take a black man. Finally we both came down, lying there holding each other, when she asked me if I would let her have a black cock inside her. I told her if that was what she really wanted she could, as long as she arranged it and it was kept a secret between us. The next night we were back in bed. I held Jill’s hand and kissed her lips and forehead while a muscular black stud, half her age, fucked her hard with his huge cock. Then I sat back and stroked my cock as he made her cum over and over. It was an incredible experience.




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OH NO!!!
You got Suzy to desire fucking black men and then you snuck off to hold Jill's hand while a hung, young black stud fucked her hard.:eek:
You lying, cheating bastard! :devil::bounce: