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Do you like to watch your wife dance with other men?

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  1. CuckoldCouple

    CuckoldCouple Well-Known Member Gold Member

    My wife and I went out to a Blues Club one night where several black men tended
    to be. She is a hot looking woman and had no trouble drawing the attention of
    many of the men. One large black stud finally asked her if she would like to
    dance, and after getting my nod of approval, she accepted his offer and they
    moved off to the dance floor. The music was quite slow and hand a very erotic
    note and as the dance progressed my wife and her partner looked as though they
    might as well be fucking on the dance floor. I watched them move and grind
    together. Their lips were very close and at one point I'm sure they brushed
    together. She was clearly turned on by him and so was I. As they continued into
    the third and then fourth dance my own cock was rock-hard and I could feel my
    pre-cum wetting my boxers. Finally she came back to the table looking a little
    worse for wear and took a drink from her glass.

    "Well, you looked as though you we're enjoying that," I stated with a slight
    tone of disapproval in my voice.

    "Yeah, I did," she curtly replied, "I enjoyed it a lot." Then sliding her hand
    between my legs and grasping my still throbbing cock, she said, "and it feels
    like you did too."

    Needless to say I took her home and fucked her although I'm sure she was
    fantasizing about her black dance partner the whole time.

  2. CuckoldCouple

    CuckoldCouple Well-Known Member Gold Member

    We still do this quite often. Try it. Its fun.
  3. tman

    tman Member

    Let her bring the dude home and see how you like that!!! Ever thought of her asshole stretched around a BIG black cock??? Bet she would love that.
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