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    Not sure why in the hell this was deleted almost immediately from Craigslist but I am getting frustrated. Want to get this going. Any help either with Craigslist or just in general would be appreciated.
    It's been my fantasy for a very long time to watch my cute little wife be taken by a tall, fit, attractive, well hung (at least 8" and thick) black man. She knows of my fantasy and gets hot when we are having sex talk and cums like a volcano especially when using black toys. But she's unwilling to set something up. It's got to happen "naturally" if at all.

    So here's the deal, we will be staying in a nice hotel outside the City next month. I will pay for 2 nights stay for the lucky gentleman at the same hotel in a different room of course. He and I will secretly arrange a meeting for him and my wife in the jacuzzi while I am away getting extra drinks (she will already have one or more drinks at that point). We have stayed at this place before (it's beautiful and relaxing) and had drinks in the jacuzzi. Just need to strike up a conversation with her and compliment/hit on her. I've gotten her somewhat brainwashed about black guys and their big cocks. Also, using larger "toys" I've gotten her to really think about and love the feeling of something big inside her. I'm not big by any stretch of the imagination. So, if you can wear a bathing suit (not speedo) that is clingy and shows off your "gift" that would really get her mind racing. Of course, we will arrange some very brief passing encounters before that (when we check in etc.) where you can smile nicely at her and check her out. Believe me I have thought this out to the every last detail.

    What this is:
    Getting my cute but somewhat shy soccer mom wife in a relaxing environment away from home.
    Having a good looking, fit, hung black guy paying attention to her and complimenting her on how sexy she looks (she's not totally sold on herself being "sexy").
    Seeing if there is chemistry there to hook something up that would be mind blowing for all.
    COMPLETELY DISCREET....from all angles.

    What this is NOT:
    Payment for sex. My wife is sexy/attractive in her own right and certainly doesn't need to pay anyone for sex. The free two night stay is a given regardless of what may or may not happen.

    Some gay/bi fantasy. There will be NO male on male contact outside of handshakes (I'm a good natured easy going guy so long term friendship is a possibility). If a guy is "bi" good for them but NOT happening here. I want only straight guys.

    No rape, degrading my wife, or pain. If somehow we discover through this process that she would like some of that down the road....fine...but this is all about her pleasure and comfort level. Mutually satisfying sex for both parties.

    Me: Tall (over 6 feet), overweight, good guy with a great sense of humor and outgoing personality.
    Her: Petite, brown hair and eyes, 34C beautiful breasts, cute round ass. She's only been with 4 guys in her life all white.

    You? Tall 6'2"+ would be ideal but over 5'11" would be fine.

    Fit....don't have to be a fitness model or body builder but athletic/muscular would be a huge plus.

    CLEAN no STDs and no drugs.

    Looking for 8" + thick (cut or uncut doesn't matter). Smallest might be 7+ but nice and thick. Not over 10" would be my preference. Mostly because I would like the guy to go full hilt and so would she I'm thinking. If you're over 10" but are still interested we can talk about it.

    NO THUGS! Basically I am looking for someone who has a brain, is cool, nice etc Pretty much like me BUT assertive/dominant in the bedroom, strong (muscular?) with a big/thick cock to blow my wife's mind.

    That's a lot of details but I have even more that we can talk about later. If this sounds like something you are interested in please respond with some information about you, why you think you would be the right guy for this, and please include pictures to verify size and attractiveness. You can have separate pictures (g rated etc.) if you prefer. Responses without pictures will almost assuredly be deleted. I hear about flakes on here but for some reason I think the flakes are typically the white couples because the husband wants it but is too scared to tell his wife. My wife and I are definitely real.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Its funny, I have had this exact same scenario in my head for a long time.