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Cut or uncut , that is the question??

Just something very attractive about uncut men, circumcision may be healthier for men but we don't have a female equivalent of that so I say let 'nature' run it's course. Just keep it clean and we'll keep coming back :)
Yeah!! It's crazy cause, females always say they've never been with uncut.. Then they see it's clean but different, then they love me long time lol.. I love being uncut, because I'm not the same as everybody.


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Prefer uncut, love playing and pulling the skin back and forwards, or the skin pulling back and forth inside me.
It tells you a lot about the guy as well, pulling the skin back and seeing the guys stuff on there, not cleaned off, or a stray pube hanging about. Not nice to clean off with your tongue, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do!