Curves for the Twins

Merry Christmas, everyone. I don't know if I can get this whole story to post, but I will give it a whirl. This is one of my publications I have on sale on Kindle and Nook, printed here for your reading pleasure as a gift to this group. If you like it, please visit my blog and browse the rest of my stuff.

Here's the synopsis:

Sheila Burton is about to enter the corporate world. She's been putting it off and dragging her feet after getting her MBA. Things get moving when she arrives for interviews in Charlotte, NC and meets gorgeous identical twins while out taking a run. She accepts their invitation to cool off but both they and their luxury apartment turn out to be ultra-hot. The guys turn out to be double trouble for Sheila, but in a very good way.

Curves for the Twins
I had taken the summer after graduate school off to do some traveling. I spent most of the summer months knocking around Europe just seeing the sights and tasting all the delights each country had to offer. My Dad had given me the money for the trip as a reward for finally finishing my MBA program at Tulane. I spent a year more in the program than I should have, but New Orleans is such a fun city to live in that I guess I kind of dragged it out.

I had a great time in grad school. Student life suited me. I always felt very accepted and liked the liberal vibe that most college campuses had. I dated fairly frequently and there were a ton of good looking men to choose from who didn't mind a woman with some curves to her and meat on her bones. I've never understood where magazines and TV shows get their bizarre idea of what a woman should look like, but it sure ain't from Southern women.

My holiday eventually had to come to an end and I reluctantly faced the fact that I had to get a real job in the real world. I don't know why it was so frightening to me, but I just hated the thought of leaving my forgiving life in academia. I couldn't bear the thought of going to one of the big northern cities. I was too rooted in the south to take a gamble on New York or Chicago.

Charlotte, North Carolina proved to be a perfect place to go for my career path. My main area of study had been investment banking, but at this point I was going to be very happy just to get a job that was generally in my field. The Queen City was by far and away the financial capital of the south and had the added appeal of a lower cost of living, a young population and terrific weather.

I lined up several interviews for a week in mid-September after I got back from Europe. I was pretty happy that I was able to find three different firms in Charlotte willing to give me the time of day. The job market was as tight as my spandex bodysuit.

I took a room at a nice little bed and breakfast in the historic 'fourth ward' section near enough to the downtown banking center that I could have walked, if it hadn't been so beastly hot. As it was, the air-conditioning in my economy rental was working overtime.

I checked in two days before my first interview with America Bank, one of the largest banks headquartered in Charlotte. I wasn't particularly interested in working for a bank, I'd much rather land a job with one of the many prestigious investment firms. I had interviews with two of them: Sands Financial and Young, Young, Ferris and Morely. The pay would be better with the smaller firms and I'd have a lot less between me and the top of the pyramid.

I promised myself after I checked in and got settled that I would get out and go for a run. I couldn't expect to shed a lot of poundage in two days, but I was determined to sweat some water weight off so my expensive interview suit hung just that much better on my curves. It was hotter than the blazes of hell, but I gamely donned my industrial strength sports bra and some jogging shorts and hit the pavement. I headed for a nearby park that the B&B owner suggested would be a good place to run.

By the time I got to the park I was ready to turn around and go back to the inn for a cold shower, but I soldiered on for another twenty minutes or so. Finally, I just had to flop onto a park bench to catch my breath. My long brown hair was pulled up in a ponytail but my scalp was crawling with the beads of sweat that were running down my head. I leaned over my knees, panting, and massaged away the tickling drops that rolled down my temples.

Four feet in running shoes suddenly appeared right in front of mine. My gaze traveled up four cocoa brown legs and I got an eyeful of two lean frames. By the time my eyes got to the two sets of broad shoulders, the sun had been completely blocked and I sat in the shadow of two identical men, both grinning down at me with chiclet-white smiles.

They were handsome times two. Short cropped black hair and laughing brown eyes make a damn tasty looking combination. One of them handed me a bottle of cold water.

"We couldn't help but notice you looked like you could use a drink," one of the twins said to me.

"Bought it from the vendor over there." Somehow I had cruised right past that push cart or I would have stopped for a drink myself. I was stupid to leave on a run without water, especially in these temperatures.

I gratefully took the bottle from the man's big dark glistening hand. He was shining all over, as was his brother. I guessed that they, too, had just finished a run. They wore the glow of exertion very well. Their bodies were in perfect sync and perfect form. They weren't built like football players; more like track and field types. They had the kind of physiques that screamed of strapping good health.

"I'm Ricky and this is my brother, Eddie. He's the bad twin."

Eddie play-punched his brother on the shoulder. "Only on alternate days," he grinned.

They were so identical it was frightening. Had it not been for a prominent mole just below Ricky's lower lip, I would have had a very difficult time telling them apart. The mole was cute. Kind of like Cindy Crawford's beauty mark only in a masculine way.

The two of them were giving me a once over that they made no attempt to hide. I felt their coffee colored eyes take in every inch of my voluptuous body. There wasn't much left to their imaginations because my running clothes look rather like they are spray painted on my body.

"I'm Sheila Burton." I extended my hand and shook each of theirs. Their grips were firm and their hands soft. These men definitely didn't do any kind of manual labor for a living. I flashed them a friendly smile. "This is my first day in Charlotte. You guys have a beautiful city."

"It's bangin. Charlotte has all of the good features of a metropolitan area and very few of the bad," said Eddie.

Ricky added, "The night life is fairly good, there are some great restaurants and it's just about the cleanest city of its size I've ever seen."

"Sheila, if you're finished with your run, our place is just a couple blocks from here. Would you like to join us and cool off there?"

Normally, I'm not the type to just go home with a couple of guys like that, but they seemed anything but threatening. Besides, somehow the daylight made everything seem that much 'safer'. As for the cooling off part, well, that wasn't likely. I already had some racy thoughts about the double trouble these men could be and it was turning up the thermostat between my legs in a surprising fashion. Not that I'd ever had two men at once, but when you've got a couple of gorgeous carbon copies staring at you, it's hard not to consider the possibilities.

They led me to a very modern high-rise and we took the elevator to the ninth floor. Their apartment reeked of testosterone. It was done in ultra-sleek black and white monotone with lots of chrome and glass accents. The only spots of color were the many African and Asian art pieces in the room. In several recessed alcoves there were various wood and stone carvings of erect penises softly lit from above. Closer inspection of the hanging artwork made it clear that those were also highly erotic renderings of nudes--both male and female--many of them in engaging in a variety of sex acts.

It was hard not to stare at the impressive collection. It was not obscene, but it the art was certainly created to arouse carnal thoughts. At least, it had that effect on me.

Eddie noticed that I was taking in the art collection with wide eyes."We travel frequently and collect erotic artwork whenever we see something we like. I hope you don't find it offensive," Eddie said.

"No, I don't find it offensive. But it is pretty graphic. Not so sure I'd show it to my mother."

"Our mother," Ricky snorted, "thinks it is downright shameful. If she pays us a rare visit we have to turn the paintings around and throw towels over the lingam."


"The carved penises. We have them from several different countries. I only know the one word 'lingam' from India. But they're all over the world." Eddie went over to a large ebony wood cock about a foot long. It was quite realistic and detailed with a prominent bulbous tip. The warm wood shone in the soft overhead light. "This baby here is from Kenya." He ran his hand over the cockhead of the shining sculpture and I felt my clit do a little roll.

"We Americans are very uptight when it comes to sex. The rest of the world, not so much," continued Eddie. "For instance, in Thailand, it isn't unusual to find even fine, five star hotels have a lingam garden somewhere on the grounds. It's considered good for the sexual energy of the guests."

"Do you consider it good for your sexual energy?" I teased.

"Well," Ricky piped up, "mine doesn't need any help, but my brother here needs all the energy he can get."

Eddie harrumphed at the jab. "You wish." He turned to me then and asked if I'd like something to drink. I said I'd be grateful for anything cold and asked to be pointed to the bathroom. I figured I could at least splash some water on my face and finger comb my damp hair into a better pony tail.

The bathroom was huge; enormous. Like the living area, it was also done in black and white with the tiles forming a checkerboard on the floor. The walls were all completely mirrored. Occupying one corner of the room was a glass shower that looked big enough for a half-dozen people to comfortably bathe there. I counted nine shower heads--two from each corner and one big one overhead. There was also a hand-held job hung on a hook.

That bathroom was not a place for someone with a bad body image. It showed me from every conceivable angle. Fortunately, I like what I see when I look in the mirror. I may not be to everyone's taste but I like to think of myself as "late summer" in a world of twiggy "early springs". My curves give a shout out to the good things in life. The trip to Europe hadn't done my figure any favors, but nothing devastating. I was still voluptuous and voluptuous I would always be.

The guys had set a tray up with various soft drinks, beer, bottled water and several bottles of liquor. There was a big bucket of ice, glasses and a bowl of some snack mix.

"What'll you have?" Eddie asked.

"First I'll have a bottle of water." I picked up one of the bottles and twisted it open. "Then I'll have one of whatever you're having."

Eddie put some ice in a tall glass and poured in a generous measure of expensive Barbados rum. He topped it off with a wee bit of coke and a squeeze of lime and handed it to me.

"Thanks, I always enjoy a little bit of coke with my rum" The first swallow went down hard; it was a stronger drink than I was used to.

Ricky was fooling with the CD player and put some music on that would have been great to dance to, but not all sweated up in grungy running clothes. Eddie pulled the curtains back and pointed out the fantastic view of the sunset in the western sky.

"What a gorgeous view. You have a fantastic place here. That bathroom is to die for. The shower is out of this world." As soon as the bathroom popped into my head, I realized I needed to pee. The bottle of water and the rum had both gone down fast. "If you'll excuse me, I need to visit it again."

"Hey, the black toilet was Eddie's idea," Ricky offered. "I think it's kind of creepy. You can't see what's in it."

"Ricky, that's just gross. Only you would want to 'see what's in it'."

Ricky looked embarrassed. "What I mean is I never know if it's clean or not."

"Estelle is here three times a week. I guarantee you it's clean. It's clean as a whistle, Sheila. 'Stelle only left an hour ago."

I wasn't surprised to hear that the music they were playing was piped into the bathroom. The sexy beat and the rum were going to my head. All I could picture in the sparkling bathroom was how often those two men stood naked in that shower or stood at the black commode, cock in hand, to take a whiz. I pulled up my shorts with a sigh and flushed.

I noticed that there was a bidet next to the toilet. Nice touch, especially if there are women around. Then I saw that the water jet was a black mini-cock jutting up from the porcelain bowl. It wasn't life size, but the point was certainly made.

When I opened the door to the little room that separated the toilet from the rest of the spacious bathroom, the two guys were leaning up against the sink, waiting for me. There was a new stack of folded towels between the two sinks.

"We thought you might like a shower in our bathroom, since you like it so much."

"We'll show you all the ways you can play with the heads…" Ricky was grinning at his own double entendre. It wasn't lost on me. Neither was the fact that both of them were sporting bigger bulges under those skimpy shorts.

What crossed my mind was that I might never have an opportunity like this again. Two gorgeous chocolate hunks I'd never have to face again wanted me to join them in their playroom of a shower. "Go for it!" screamed my inner slut. So I did.

Getting out of the sports bra wasn't the sexiest act in the world, but with their help we managed to set the girls free. There's nothing quite like a spontaneous gasp of appreciation from two men at once. Ricky and Eddie reached for a breast simultaneously and hefted their generous weight against their palms. Ricky began to play with my left nipple while Eddie hooked his thumbs into my shorts and pulled them, along with my underwear, down in one easy motion.

"Let me turn it on and you can get wet while we get naked."

"I don't think I need to tell you that I'm already wet." I drew first Ricky's and then Eddie's long index fingers between the slick folds of my pussy. Ricky licked my juices from his finger, causing me to pull in my breath. Eddie drew a wet circle around my nipple and sucked it. He licked his soft cushiony lips with a little "um-um" of appreciation.

Ricky opened the glass shower door and fiddled with some knobs to get the party started under the streaming water. He only turned on the side nozzles leaving the overhead one off. I stepped inside and the heavenly water hit me from four different angles. The two men undressed and dropped their clothes in two piles. They never took their eyes off my body while they disrobed. Mine never left theirs either.

I'd already had a good taste of what their physiques were, given that they hadn't been wearing much when we met out jogging. But seeing them naked was almost too much. I had the urge to just put my hand between my legs and get some relief right then and there.

The sight of their erections made me think of the statues out in their living room. They were hung just like the ebony carving that Eddie had been showing me earlier. Okay, so maybe they weren't quite a foot long, but they beat out any man I'd ever seen in the flesh and there were two of them! Big black monsters right out of a porn movie. And their pricks were just as identical as everything else about them except one leaned slightly to the left and the other slightly to the right. I figured maybe that had something to do with their position in their mother's womb.

I was a little anxious about the whole 'two men' thing. Never done it before, but I admit without shame that I sure had thought about it. I'd fantasized about almost this exact situation--two hot men, near strangers, the shower, the dazzling apartment--it was a dream come true.

They joined me in the shower. When the water hit their bodies, the male smell of them drifted into the warm air before it swirled with their sweat down the drain. The musky aroma of two fine male animals fresh from a run was a heady natural perfume. I inhaled deeply and let their scent imprint on my mind before it was lost to soap and water.

They took turns kissing me and rubbing my breasts. My nipples were stiff with arousal and they really seemed to enjoy the look and feel of my ample bosom. My breasts are very heavy, but they're also full and round and for their size, surprisingly high on my chest. If a man likes a real generous chest, I'm his girl.

Apparently Ricky and Eddie had exactly that taste in women because they kept exclaiming how beautiful my tits were and paid an extraordinary amount of attention to them. At one point, both took a nipple in their mouth and sucked away. They twisted my erect tips with their lips and pulled on them with the pressure of their mouths. The sensation of having both a man at each breast was incredible. I thought I might climax from just that stimulation--it was that good. The feeling was fed by the sight of the two dark heads bent down to worship my body and the anticipation of what was to come.

The water was just the right temperature--I'm guessing just a few degrees above body temp. It enhanced every other sensation. The water drizzled over our bodies like tiny feathered touches. The music, still playing in the background, seemed timed in perfect harmony with the sound of the eight jets around us. Every so often one of them would pull away from a nipple and let the water dribble off the pink tip into his mouth.

The throbbing need between my thighs was tough to contain. I wanted to give them a good time, but my greedy little clit was all but screaming for somebody to get down to business and fast. I grabbed one of their hands and pushed it between my legs. I didn't know whose hand it was and I sure didn't care. Fingers found my demanding little nub and rubbed me with a rhythm I directed with a roll of my pelvis against it.

I was perched at the edge of orgasm with a man on each nipple and the fingers playing my pussy. I felt a hand snake around my bottom and a slippery finger trace around my asshole. When he pushed past the sphincter I crashed. My moans of completion echoed in the shower, amplified by the tile and glass. I contracted around the finger at my backdoor and thrust against the hand on my pussy. The two men hummed their approval against my breasts but didn't stop sucking me there until my climax subsided.

They both stood up with a satisfied smile, knowing that they'd gotten me off first and that their turn was coming next. I was eager to return the favor. The water made it so easy for me to stroke their fine, hard cocks. I took one in each hand and began to pump up and down on the two hot shafts, now thick with desire. It seemed only natural to synchronize my hands in motion on the identical dicks. I slipped my hands back and fondled their ball sacs. I smiled as I hefted the weight of them.

"What are you smiling like a Cheshire cat about?" asked Ricky.

"I've never held four balls before," I admitted. "I like it!"

"We've got a whole lot more for you to like," Eddie added as he pulled me to his face for a long, delicious kiss. His mouth was hot and bruising now and I could feel the lust gather around me like steam from the coursing water.

Ricky reached over my shoulder and got some liquid soap. He dribbled a little on both of their dicks and they both took a handful. While I continued to work on their stiff poles, they each took a side of my body and began to massage and soap their way down my sides, over my breast and as far as they could reach down my thighs. Everything I had imagined about having two men was true.

Four strong hands really did double the pleasure of being touched, massaged, soaped and caressed.
I heard one of them groan and pull away from my hand. Then the other one quickly followed suit. I guessed that the soapy handjob was getting to be a bit intense and they were saving themselves for other things. I was glad of that because I was now completely caught up in the desire to feel those cocks of theirs filling me.

They turned me toward one wall and stretched my hands above my head. I felt a food nudge mine farther and farther apart until I was spread eagle against the wall. The two men continued with their slow and thorough attention with their soapy hands. They started with my fingers and worked their way patiently down my arms. All that tactile stimulation was nearly overwhelming.

The men moved in unison. Soon four big strong sets of fingers massaged my back. I groaned at the pleasure of it. At this point my lust had faded slightly simply because the intensity of this sensual massage eclipsed it. But when the hands hit my buttocks and I felt two thumbs dance down the crack of my ass, lust roared fiercely back to the foreground.

They massaged the globes of my rear and murmured little endearments about the shape and size of my booty. How wonderful it was to have two men singing the praises of my ample ass! I don't think I'd ever been happier with my curves than I was when these two prime, luscious men murmured their husky compliments into the foggy air.

Ricky and Eddie played between my legs for several delightful minutes. Still facing the wall, it was impossible to identify who was doing what. At this point, I couldn't tell them apart anyway. The fog had gotten jungle thick inside the bathroom. The water wasn't all that hot, so it must have been our scorching passion that was producing at least some of the heat. Under the good light of the living room I had been able to keep Ricky's mole in view, but in the steamy shower I could only see it if his face was close to mine. Not that it mattered, but it was a bizarre feeling to have two men working on me when I didn't know one from the other.

Someone turned me around to face him and brought his lips to mine. Ah, Ricky. He put his hands under my ass and hiked me up to his waist. It amazed me that he lifted me so easily. I didn't have much time to ponder that little miracle because he slid me down right onto his raging erection. I thought it was going to rip me apart. I cried out with the violation as I slipped further onto his cock and he buried himself in me to the hilt.

He put his hands at the sides of my hips and pistoned me up and down gracefully. I felt my pussy relax around him and mold to the length and girth of his turgid dick. Each time I descended onto his pelvis my clit pushed hard up against his pubic bone and I felt the electric charge of desire shoot through my core. Ricky fucked with the beat of the music, like a dancer. I held onto him with my arms around his neck and my ankles locked just above his hard ass. I felt the contractions of his tight butt muscles with each thrust, each bounce of my hips against him.

Eddie sidled around my back and started caressing my ass. He smacked it a couple of times and the sound rang through the shower mixing with my yelps as his hands reddened my cheeks. He played the head of his cock against my asshole. He pushed at it gently, encouraging me to let him in. I was genuinely afraid of having these two big men fuck me at the same time. One seemed as much as I could handle. But I was so hot, so turned on by the thought of having two cocks inside me at once, that I bore my ass down onto his cockhead and popped him past my sphincter.

My nails dug into Ricky's shoulders and I cried out for both of them to be stop and be still. They stood like statues as I took several gulps of air as my tight asshole relaxed around the huge cock that now occupied it. The men were excellent, patient lovers. They took their cues from what my body told them and didn't make a move to thrust. I began to ever-so-gingerly push back against Eddie until more of his shaft passed the puckered guardian and he groaned a deep guttural growl.
I could feel the tension ease as my body adapted to being penetrated. Then the real pleasure began. I was full. I was being taken as I had never been taken before. I could feel every nerve ending between my legs straining for more and more.

But it was my mind that was contributing to my rapture more than even the physical act. Two cocks, it sang, two at once, you dirty girl! I was crossing a line, breaking the rules and oh sweet heaven it felt good.

I purred like a petted cat inside and out as the two men gripped me at my hips--four hands--and started to fuck me in earnest. I was overcome with the pounding that Ricky was giving my pussy and the hammering my ass was taking from Eddie. I started to buck back against Eddie, taking more and more of his cock into my ass even as Ricky brought me down on his dick with a vengeance.

The guys were both grunting and groaning with the exertion and pleasure. At one point I heard Eddie say "Oh God I can feel you moving inside her, Bro." and that nearly sent me to the moon.
I was going to come again. I could feel the tension in my clit building and building with each stroke of the two swords that were impaling me. I was no longer conscious of the water, the music or even of the men themselves. I only felt what was going on in my crotch and in my head.

I urged them to go faster and deeper into both my orifices. My ecstasy was building to the tipping point and I ground my clit hard against the base of Ricky's cock. The orgasm began in my ass. My brown hole started to contract around Eddie's shaft. When he felt it he pushed himself deeper in me and I could hear his own climax settle into his throat with animal groans that sounded like a combination of pain and pleasure. He arched back hard and announced, "That's it, that's right baby. I'm cummin' in your ass. Take it deep."

I did take it deep. I wanted it deep. I couldn't feel him ejaculate into the void of my rectum but I knew from his howls and his final thrusts that he was emptying himself into me. He just kept coming. My womb was in the throes of its final rolling contractions and my vagina was sucking on Ricky as hard as it could. He joined us in a triangular rhapsody of pleasure and let himself spill inside me. I could feel the tap of his cockhead at the mouth of my womb. His head thrown back, he shouted to the heavens in his finale.

We stood together a moment, embracing and catching our breath. Then Eddie eased himself out of me with an audible pop. Ricky lowered me down so that my feet could touch the ground. My knees were shaking and I steadied myself between the two men.

I was suddenly aware of the shower again. It felt divine against my skin. We took turns washing each other's well used parts. Eddie was especially tender with my ass and leaned down to give my asshole a sweet kiss when he had finished his job of washing me there.

I once again took both of the men in my hands and soaped their ever so talented cocks. I remarked that they both had brought me the most glorious pleasure with those magic wands and they laughed.

"Truly, Sheila, I speak for Eddie and I when I say that the pleasure was ours. For sure, it was ours."

Eddie stepped out of the shower and wrapped a huge bath sheet around his beautiful body. He picked up another one and held it out for me. I turned my back to him and let him wrap the fluffy towel around my body.

"Let's order in a Pizza!" Ricky suggested. "I can get you a clean T-shirt and some boxers so you don't have to struggle into your sweaty togs and we can all relax a bit."

"Yeah, what do you say, Sheila?"

I was taken aback by the innocence in their faces. They were like a couple of eager puppies. All affection and big feet. How could I refuse?

We opened a bottle of quite nice Merlot and waited for the pizza to arrive. I don't think I've ever felt so comfortable with a guy, let alone two of them. They joked, laughed and acted like it was the most natural thing in the world to pick a girl up in a park, bring her home and share her with your brother.

"So, you didn't tell us what brought you to Charlotte," Ricky said as he poured me another glass of wine.

"We didn't exactly do a lot of talking when we met," I smiled. "I'm here to interview for a job. I'm a recent MBA"

"Where'd you graduate from ?"

"Tulane. I took this past summer off to travel. Now it's down to business. Ugh. I'm really not looking forward to the interviews. I know my stuff, but I don't interview as well as I'd like."

"So what jobs and where?"

"Tomorrow for a trust position at America Bank."

Eddie scrunched his nose at that.

"Yeah, I know, right? Then the following day I'm at Sands Financial in the morning and Young, Young, Ferris and Morely. Both of those interviews are for sort of entry level investment advisor."

"We know Garth Sands," said Ricky. I brightened to think they might be able to put a word in for me. "He's an asshole and a borderline criminal. Be a shame to have to take a job with Sands."

I must have looked crushed. Sands Financial was the more promising of the two investment jobs.
"I hate to hear that," I said. "I don't think I have a real good chance at Young and company. The personnel director is pretty cold. I don't think I have a very good chance."

Eddie got up and tightened his towel around his waist. He went over to a briefcase sitting on the breakfast bar and rummaged around. He came back with two business cards and he was grinning from ear to ear. "Ricky, remind me to rip Samuelson in personnel a new asshole tomorrow."

He handed me the cards. One read "Edward Young, CEO, Young, Young, Ferris & Morely" and the other was for "Richard Young, CFO , Young, Young, Ferris & Morely".

"Sweetheart," he laughed, "I think your interview is going to go just fine."


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Great beginning and will read the rest when i've got time but i think on this site the stories are more upfront and in your face sex rather than a gradual buildup; but I like that you're doing your own thing!
Thank you so much Lhomme. I've been busy trying to crank out new stories for my 'plain vanilla' author or I would have replied earlier. Interracial is my first love for erotica, but I gotta go where the dough is.:(


Real Person
Thank you so much Lhomme. I've been busy trying to crank out new stories for my 'plain vanilla' author or I would have replied earlier. Interracial is my first love for erotica, but I gotta go where the dough is.:(
I hear that...I like to write erotic stories and since i'm a black man, they kind of just end up interracial automatically ;-) I'm not published or anything, but I do find it quite fun. I just like imagining my reader while they are taking my words in...I'm sure you must enjoy the same?
I would love to be a fly on the wall when someone reads my work. What I really hope for is that somehow, someday, readers will begin to review my stuff at Amazon. I have friends who do, of course, but what I'm really waiting for is for some stranger to give me an opinion. I appreciate that you took the means a lot.


Real Person
I know how good it feels to have someone legitimately read your work, understand what you were trying to do and appreciate it above all's also nice when they share their feelings on it too :) me personally, I just like trying to get people as horny as I am!