Curves for the Cuckold


Here's a description and an excerpt from my work-"Curves for the Cuckold"

Here's a story that may have you running for ice water to cool your jets! This short story is a standalone erotic tale that risks it all and a marriage that crackles with sexual energy. The things we do for love!

A steaming hot marriage takes an unexpected but oh so satisfying turn when Ric decides to give his wife the ultimate present for her birthday.

Little does Ric suspect how much he'll enjoy the gift of another man to his hot, voluptuous wife as they dive headfirst into the cuckold fantasy neither of them had ever admitted to having.

This book is for adults only and contains explicit language, situations and multiple interracial partners.


"I love to see the desire in their eyes, Sophie. I love knowing that I'm going to have what other men want. When we leave the bar, theyknow. They know that I won the prize and that my cock is going to get a nice long fuck from a gorgeous hot woman." When he told me this after one particularly
satisfying night I thought a lot about it.

I asked him, "Is it just that you get to have me or do you get pleasure out of their desire?"

"I think it's both," Ric told me. "Yeah, I guess just knowing that other men want to have your body is exciting in and of itself."

I kissed him deeply. "It excites me, too. It makes me feel...I don't know...powerful."

"You are powerful," he answered. "You have tremendous power over me."

Even though we'd just finished a very enthusiastic sessionbetween the sheets, my virile husband began to play with my body again in a way that told me he was looking for 'round 2'. My carnal appetite is easily satisfied, but never sated so I was more than happy to oblige him.

He trailed his mouth down between my breasts and gave each nipple a lick and a soft pinch between his teeth that started to coil my clit into a tense hard-on again. Ric loves my tits. Worships them with every part of his anatomy. He snaked down my body with his mouth and landed at my bare pussy. I watched his handsome face as he parted my lips and tenderly sucked on my erection. He drew his tongue down the folds of my sex and back up again.