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Curious about BBC, never had it. He is average size and she is tight, no kids. Advice anyone?

Hi SEXY lady. Hot photos. Hmm so you should try us Black men out especially me! I have introduced BBC to many White women. It is an experience unlike any other! There is more than size to experience. All 5 senses will be elevated. Dexter


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Well...CUM (welcome) to this fulfilling lifestyle :)
I've introduced plenty of luscious White women to Black cock throughout the past 20 years. I can say unequivocally that personality matters as much as the slab of beef hanging down between our legs! Big personality + Big black COCK works wonders on the Female sex drive!

If she hasn't yet (I'm sure she has), strike up a conversation with a good looking Black man who tickles her fancy, stimulates her mind, AND makes her wet between the thighs. With the RIGHT Bull, She should feel free to be naughty and let her inner slut have fun! Be as NAUGHTY as she wants!

Soon enough, after a few great conversations with said Bull, that tingly feeling she will get? yeah....that is Nature having her way, telling to get that Black slab of wonderful in Her life! :)

I'd love to be her Initial BBC (as well as her 2nd, 3rd, and further helpings!). I specialize in breeding white pussy, leaving my (very potent) seed flooding and dripping from that sweet slice of pussy-pie! :sex: :blackgreedy:

(a sample of my thick blessings below....)