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Cum inside pussies or over the cuckold face, which one is more transgressive or humiliating?

For you, which one is more transgressive or humiliating?

  • Black lover cumming inside your wife's pussy

    Votes: 72 56.3%
  • Black lover cumming over your face

    Votes: 56 43.8%

  • Total voters
HUmiliating or not, I think the most erotic thing in this lifestyle is a black man cumming deep inside a woman, esp if she is married.
I'll disagree with you slightly there Trina. The MOST erotic thing would be a black man being the last man to fill a white woman's pussy before she walks down the isle....AND is the first man to fill her married pussy with black seed after she gets married. THAT is a woman that has her priorities straight.


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I've had both and definitely the most degrading is the black bull cumming in my face. He had me put my face right next to her ass as he did her doggy, then all of a sudden, grabbed my head, pulled out and unloaded all over my face ! When her finally finished and released me I ran to the bathroom, very embarrassed (but very turned on). Definitely more degrading and humilating
What? Nutting on my face?



Short term a black man nutting on my face would be the most degrading. Which is extreme.

But long term him nutting on her pussy would be the most (with the chance of pregnant since no birth control is 100%).

But he could nut in her and she could face sit me and let his nut drain onto my face while i ate it.