Cum in less than one minute


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my wife and me had been having sex in the beginning of our relation ship and I noticed that she had had some difficults to get her orgasm. She told me that she didn't know why, but she was late getting her orgasm with me. Her ex boyfriend (a black boy 8 years older than her) could make her cum in one minute or less.
He was thinner and shorter than my wife (who is a tall and strong caucasian woman) so, when they made the love in missionary position, his head was near her breasts, so he was able to lick them at the same time he was penetrating her. My wife felt confortable with his light weight over her, so she used to wrap her legs around his body, fucking hard in this way he could make her cum in one minute or less (this is not an exaggeration because I could prube myself). Sometimes he had his orgasm few seconds after her but they used to cum togheters!
According with my wife words, he felt some difference when she embraced him between her legs and immediately he could cummed too!
I took in count my wife's ex boyfriend experience and learnt to make her the love in the same way, the only difference is that she doesn't use wrap her legs around me in missionary position and I don't know why...
Girls, have you ever had an orgasm in less than one minute?