Cum in her face!

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    A lot of men enjoy cumming in the women's face and a lot of women enjoy receiving their cum too!
    But why does it happen?
    Look at these pictures and you'll be able to feel through these girls face's expression what's going on!
    She received his cum with pleasure!
    Perhaps the only thing that she had known before were a lot of books inside the library, but now she was washed by a seminal guy!
    She has in her hands a "real first class male" cock near to explode (maybe she is holding it to stop his cum because it would be going to wash the whole camera and the pic wouldn't be possible). She smile because she knows she has a potent weapon into her hand!
    She keeps his cumm into her mouth as good as she would keep a treasure...
    An finally she was filled with the needed objet to get the happiness
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    Thank you Ma'am. Just as women love it when a real Man cums over them, so do sad little cucks love being cum'd over. When I looked at your middle (3rd of 5) picture, I just want to put the tip of that cock in my mouth.
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    No !, in her mouth, My biggest turn on has been a woman who swallows' my wife swallowed the first night I met her and I have trained her to ask men fucking her to cum in her mouth. We spent a few years a lone time ago when she swallowed more black cum then I shot in all three holes.