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Would you want to join in or just watch?

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    Votes: 37 56.1%
  • Watch

    Votes: 29 43.9%

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Real Person
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Hubby here.
They're over at his place right now; usually I don't get to choose between watching and joining in. That's typical, right?


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the pleasure is in pleasing her, ! i:e her in missionary position his BBC fucking her pussy while I play with her clit! and make her cum with his cock in her pussy! and Or in foreplay We caress ,kiss and nibble her all over her as we strip away her clothes. kiss and nibble her neck her nipples'. hips thighs legs! And all over.
Hubby here.
They're over at his place right now; usually I don't get to choose between watching and joining in. That's typical, right?
Everyone is different.
Hubby here.
They're over at his place right now; usually I don't get to choose between watching and joining in. That's typical, right?
It's different for everyone and whatever works for your wife and yourself may not work for someone else. Thats the best part of kink or adventurous sex, you get to share and live out your fantasies with someone you love and experience all that you ever dreamed... good and bad. There are many who share your fantasies here as well as many who participate differently in this lifestyle. Really its up to you and your wife as to whats normal for you, establish your boundries and then stick to them. Unless she is in total control and you have no sayso in which case you are just along for the ride and if you dont like it then you have to deal with it and then that sucks for you. But as long as you are happy with the situation then have fun with it and dont worry about what others think is normal because after all its between you and her, not anyone else.

michelle sd

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When i get to join in it is to clean them both and sometimes to help her suck cock. i love to help out anyway i can.
My wife's pussy, ass and mouth are strictly for her Black Lover.
After I got the BBC vibrator from my black lovers, I hid it from Hubby. I needed to get him to share me with a BBC bad! I formed a plan, I would get it out one night and tell him I ordered a white one but got the BBC instead. So one night we were going to bed and I got the thing out, I showed it to him and asked if he could help me. He asked what I was doing with a black cock, I told him the story and said I was fixin to fuck it!!!! He asked if I liked black cock. I said I don’t know I have not tried any yet. I asked him if he wanted to see me take one, He said ok and went to get some lube, I could not wait. He came back and started rubbing my naked tits, I loved it. Then he licked then and flicked my hard nipples with his tongue. I raised up and slid my shorts off to expose my wet pussy to him. He started down towards it and I opened my legs to him. I think the BBC turned him on because when he started licking my pussy he was like I wild man! I told him to get up and get naked I wanted to suck his dick. He was harder than ever, so I asked if he was turned on thinking about me taking a BBC? He said he was and had thought about sharing me with one before but was not sure if I wanted too.
I grabbed his hard cock and sucked it like a wild woman. Hubby went back to eating my wet pussy, it was so good! Then I rolled over and grabbed the BBC vibrator and told hubby to get the lube. He grabbed it, and I told him to lube it up good and to put some on my pussy. I leaned back on my elbows and spread my gaping slash to him as he lubed us up. I then told him to turn it on low, and slowly rub it up and down my pussy. Oh my, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, loving the low vibrations! Then I told him to hover over my clit. It felt so good, after a bit I asked if he wanted to see his wife take a Big Black Cock! He said “hell yes”. I told him to ease it into my wet pussy, so he slowly began working the huge thing into my tight slit. It felt so good, just like when I first fucked Joseph! I told him to turn up the vibrations a little.
When hubby had the whole cock in my wet pussy I screamed for him to fuck me good!!!!!!! He worked the big cock back and forth and I was in heaven rocking my hips towards him every time he thrust it into my pussy. I started mumbling something about fucking me and not sure but may have said Joseph’s name! I caught myself and continued working my pussy towards every thrust, hoping he did not catch the name!!!!!!!!!! I then pulled away and flipped over and stuck my ass in the air to get the huge cock doggy. Hubby obliged, I asked him if he liked me fucking a Big Black Cock and he said yes. I then told him to lube my ass up and put in there. He again obliged, but then without me saying anything he laid under my pussy and started licking my pussy as he fucked my ass with the huge black tool!!!!!! It did not take long and I shuddered and flooded his face with my cum!!!! Not sure that I did not squirt some in his mouth! I told him to mount me from behind and “fuck me like a Black Man!” He did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!