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cuckolded wimp

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Your wife is straddling your face and playing with your small dick while her bull fucks her hard. This is what you get to see.

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Love it when you see his balls, tighten and hear him grunt and moan, see him stop fully embedded deep in your wifes eager pussy. Then the slow subsidence of the magnificent black cock, as it flops out from your wifes ruined pussy, and slaps your face, thick with cum on his shaft, but only a fraction that is still deep in your wife. this black cock now limp but still 3 times longer and thicker than your tiny white clit cock
Then to see the cum he has planted deep in your wifes belly and womb, start to dribble out, and as your wife relaxs, a steady flow of combined blackmans cum and white slut wifes pussy cum into your wide open mouth, where you taste the combined cums and find it is a taste that is addictive and one you want regularly to taste, its better than fucking, and you are lucky as this is now your duty to the new lovers, clean and worship the fruits of their union.