Cuckolds of the Animal Kingdom


To quote the wonderful BtoW member Lana Chambers:

“White men are the cuckolds of the animal kingdom”

This was a very arousing statement and I tried to imagine what it would be like if we all still roamed the African savannah in an uncivilized, primal, and purely animalistic society.

What would it be like for a tribe of white, pale-skinned hunter-gatherers to encounter the dominant black species for the first time.

A group of white hunters spot a few black colored men they have never seen before.

“We saw several dark skinned, muscle bound males across the prairie. They spotted us and began moving confidently toward us. After noticing their intimidating presence, something else caught our eyes:

We saw what looked like long, thick, black logs of wood hanging down almost to their knees from between their legs. Each one swung from side to side as they walked.

We all stood frozen in awe. I noticed some of our cocks began to shrivel, some grew hard, as we realized those logs were not logs at all. They were, in fact, the largest, most enormous cocks we had ever seen.

These mammals were so large and imposing that they seemed far superior to the most stallion among us. They resembled something with more power and more stamina than ourselves:

Large, black bulls.

We all shared the same animalistic emotions at the sight: admiration, intimidation, humiliation, and willing submission.

We also shared the same fear: the loyalty of our females.

These male specimens were clearly more capable than ourselves in every physical regard. It was very apparent that with their incredibly strong physique, which appeared natural to their race, and the sheer size of their manhood, they had the ability to please our women far beyond anything they had experienced while mating with the white males of our group.

Each of us understood that we had to flee and try to hide our white females. If they were to even catch sight of these men, their curiosity and desire would lead them astray from our group.

Some of us ran when they drew near, others stood their ground for the encounter.

Those who stayed either cowered before the men when they arrived, or became hostile and attempted to attack the group of alpha males – only to be easily beaten to the ground.

When we returned to the white females, we immediately tried to lead them in the other direction. It was too late, however. The black bulls had come running when they spotted the soft white skin and supple breasts of our petite women. Each of whom were beginning to notice what we had feared they would.

Looks of bewildered lust began to glaze over each of the female’s faces one by one as they watched the black males striding down the hill, their swaying cocks growing even larger as they prepared to take our women at will.

Hulking, muscular, black forms began to overwhelm the female’s and mount them as they pleased. All of the white males backed off, impotent and powerless to stop them.

Screams of pain filled the air as the black bulls began to force their massive cocks into the tiny white pussies, stretching and tearing them. But it was not long before those screams of pain turned to ones of pure ecstasy none of us white males had ever heard them make before.

We began to move closer and could see white frothy cream begin to flow out of the females and onto the thick black cocks plunging deep into them, pink skin of each pussy stretched to it’s limit trying to accommodate the black rod. The skin gripped tightly to the huge things as they were pushed in and pulled out, as though the tiny white pussy never wanted to let go of something so magnificent.

Curiosity drove some of the white males to risk creeping up close to the bulls attempting to breed with our women. If one of the men interrupted or got in the way, they were kicked and beaten back. But the lucky ones were allowed by the black bulls to stick out their tongues and let the dripping juices fall onto them, tasting pleasure and domination.

Those who did that would sit or lay beneath the white woman who was screaming and trembling with pleasure and would pull on their little white cocks until their seed fell uselessly to the dirt.

When the black bulls were finished having their way with our women, they would turn to one of us that had gathered around the scene on our knees. With one hand at the base of their huge cocks drenched in the juices of our women, they would jiggle their black members around until one of us would scurry over to service and clean them.

Once the bulls had moved away from a female, who was left in the dirt used and gasping for air, the white males would pounce on her. They licked eagerly at the gaping holes dripping with cum from the black bulls. Some tried to fuck the already destroyed pussy but the significantly smaller cock would have no affect on her.

If a bull came back to the woman, all of us would scatter and allow him his slut, who would open her legs and reach out for the large black cock.

From that day on, our women had become addicted to the power and stamina of the bulls, and to the pleasure the size of their cocks delivered.

Our women would appear uninterested as we tried desperately to please them. We created techniques we hoped would compensate for the lack of size we could provide, but eventually we learned to submit to our roles as a submissive breed, meant only to provide our women to the black bulls.”

What do you all think?
This is exactly what would happen if the modern world broke down after an apocalypse.

Interracial sex would not only be the norm, white males would be completely helpless and impotent before the more viral men in our society.


This is exactly what would happen if the modern world broke down after an apocalypse.

Interracial sex would not only be the norm, white males would be completely helpless and impotent before the more viral men in our society.
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