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This is what I want to see. This is the view I need to have.
Over and over again.
I want to watch you taken in front of me.
Deeply. Roughly.
I want to watch a man better than me. Bigger than me.
I want to watch him fuck the woman I love. And I want her to revel in it.
I want you to throw your head back. Beg him to fuck you deeper. Beg him to take you harder. Faster.
I want him to look at me across the room. Pants around my feet. Me anxiously jerking my cock while he fucks you. While he takes you completely.
I want to sit there and take it. Red-faced in shame and embarrassment. Jealous to no end.
When my eyes meet his, I want him to know that he’s making me his bitch by wrecking your pussy.
When your eyes meet mine, you want me to know that there’s nothing I can do to stop this. This is happening. This is real. I brought this on myself. You’re getting what you want and so am I.
I know you love me. I know that. But the shame and humiliation of the moment is powerful and it sets aside everything else that is going on in the world.
The only thing that is happening is that you are getting fucked in front of me.
You are loving every minute of it. I can see it on your face. You’ve decided you love this as much as I do.
You are beginning to crave the look of degradation in my eyes as much as you love the pounding your new lover is delivering.
There is no going back. Once you’ve been made to witness the woman you love being taken by a black man, things will never be the same.
And why would I want them to be?
She’s so beautiful, sitting there on the bed naked, her legs tucked up under her, resting on one arm. My God I love her,… my wife, the love of my life. In fact I love her more than ever now,… no matter how perverted and messed up things are,… and no matter what happens.

She took special care with her hair today, long and shimmery, it has these big looping curls it took her hours in rollers to get just right. The rhinestone barrette and matching earrings he had me buy her make her look so elegantly attractive and she made herself up to perfection. She had to. She said he told her to.

I could see the sadness in her eyes as he talked to her and was thankful for it. She would never dare to tell him but she didn’t like him making me watch. She was afraid it would be just too humiliating, that it would break down my spirit and destroy me. Still, she’d learned to conceal her worries outwardly and look into his black face with a sweet expression that said full cooperation, if not outright submissive sexual anticipation.

He grinned down into her pretty blue eyes expertly picking up the reservations she tried so hard to disguise. But it didn’t anger him,… it excited him. He’d been fucking my delicious wife for over a month now and he’d never failed to turn her into a slobbery gasping orgasmic mess ready to do anything for her Negro. He loved the way she kept trying to hold herself back for her husband, to keep her love for him alive, because it gave him a special way to ruin her again every time he fucked her.

Her flushed cheek was so alive and beautiful, even with his long black fingers stroking it lovingly. She tried not to wince as his other hand pawed at her pert little bare breast, squeezing and pulling at it, making a lewd display of what should have been only lovely. When he slipped his thumb into her mouth, she dutifully let her lips part for it, licking it softly with a knowing smile, then suckling on it gently.

She couldn’t help shifting her gaze from his face to his long hard Black erection that bounced out in front of his body looking truly remarkable and threatening. He loved the mixture of fear and lust that showed on her pretty face as she examined it.

As he toyed with her, he watched me out of the corner of his eye, I guess to make sure I was still standing in the corner where he’d put me with my pants down around my ankles, my right thumb up my ass and my left hand poised to stroke furiously when he gave me permission. My dick was already so hard it hurt with precum drops oozing from the head.

“There’s nothing like a nice soft curvy white woman, is there,” he teased me as he helped my wife up onto her hands and knees, pushing her head down so those soft brown curls piled up on the bedspread.

“No sir, there isn’t,” I reply softly as I watch his hand slip over the curve of my wife’s ass, stroking her ample thighs, then up between her cheeks, stroking her slit, pushing a finger into her wet hole as his thumb teases her anus. Her soft little whimpers prove to all three of us how turned on she is getting at being used like this.

The bedroom is soon filled with the acrid stink of my wife’s super turned on pussy and her big white behind begins little movements against the invading fingers and is soon dancing against the Black hand.

“Baby girl want’s some Black dick, doesn’t she,” he teases. My wife lifts her head slightly and pants out an ‘uh huh.’ He’s stroking the big head against her slit as he tells her how warm and nice it is. She arches her back as she feels the helmet pressing against her hole.

Then she exhales with a gasp, raising her head as she feels his long hard Black dick push slowly, steadily, all the way into her. She stills herself, panting, as he seats himself in her fully.

“Good girl,” he praises her, reaching under her to stroke a breast, “Now tell hubby he can jack off.”

She pushes her hair back out of her face and looks over at me, trying her best to stay in love with me despite how ridiculous I look standing there waiting for this Black man to let me do what I ought to have a right to. But the passion is already building in her to a fever pitch from the big Black dick now throbbing in her body, and the powerful black arms and hands controlling her take over everything.

“You can do it,” she says softly, the expression in her eyes a mix of disinterest and disgust as she turns her face away from me and pushes her hips back into her Negro lover. I cum in less than a minute, but watch with fascinated humiliation as he fucks her through several orgasms over the next hour.
Sometimes it isn't so much the seeing as the knowing that makes the cuckold experience so magical.

Taking my wife to an old style motel where the rooms open directly into the parking lot is the start of it. In our room near the back of the motel, I have her undress and put all of her clothes into a grocery bag. Leaving her there with nothing but her wedding rings, not even her phone, and I depart taking the keys.

I find a Black man at a nearby bar, show him a picture of my wife, and give him the key to the room. A few questions and he departs. I give him about 10 minutes head start and drive to the motel, parking across the lot from the door of our room. He's already inside, but of course I can see nothing.

I'm expecting to see him come out after a while and then go in to see how it was for her. But after an hour, no one comes out and I start to wonder. Then another car parks in the lot and a Black man gets out, walking along the motel porch obviously looking for a room number. He knocks at my wife's room door, and the Black man I met at the motel opens the door and lets him in. He's naked.

For the next two hours, all I can do is sit in my car, the jealousy and lust tearing me apart as my mind creates the most lurid images of what must be going on in there. I recall how much I love her. I recall how we met. The first time I necked with her and fingered her in my dad's car. I wonder if she's as shy and innocent with these two black strangers as she was with me. And I wonder how fast she turns into the cum-guzzling, ass-licking whore I showed her on so many porn videos and pics.

Just knowing she's in there naked, with two naked Black men,... that's the thing.