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Ruth’s Confession

Dear Master SHANGO,

Please allow me to share with you my sexual experience in the black cock lifestyle. Before I get into how I met Kwanga I would like to give you a brief summation of my past up to and including 1996.

20 years before in 1976 while on holiday with my husband Paul in North Wales I met a man named Cornelius. Cornelius was a wealthy retired businessman in his late fifties whose business was in ladies apparel. At the time I met him I was 36 years old, married to Paul at 20 and worked then as a free-lance Silver waitress with my mother Rebecca.

Up to the time I met Cornelius, who put me in the family way, I with my mother were very strong practicing Catholics, working in and for our local church attending mass most days and confession on a very regular basis. Sex to me and my mother was something that animals would partake in, so my sex life with Paul, who has only a tiny manhood, was virtually none existent. Cornelius who was mighty down there said I had the tightest cunt he had ever fucked (Pardon my language).

Cornelius introduced me and Paul to his small group of men, Cornelius was the chief procurer of women for their sexual delight and satisfaction, To be a member of this group you had to be wealthy and well-endowed and have a length of cock no less than 8 inches. Their greatest delight was in hearing the squeals and screeches of women having their anal passage opened up for the first time.

One member of the group came to this country from Nazi Germany before the second world war, he served with distinction in the RAF, after the war he became a prominent ladies dress designer in the North West of England, he however was only interested in a ladies back door, his motto "it's much tighter up the arse" and the younger the better, some mothers I believe sacrificed their, often very reluctant, daughters anal virginity in order to be the first to wear his latest creation. His cock was unusual in that running around and along its length were a number of small wart like protuberances that would tear into your sphincter and cause extra pain, sometimes drawing blood depending on the age and tenderness of the hole.

Although I loved Cornelius he could be cruel and would punish any female that did not obey his commands, for this chastisement he had a very whippy cane and an electrical box of tricks. If the cane didn't work, clips would be attached to my pussy-lips and then I got electrical charge. I only got this treatment once.

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