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Here's a confessional letter I received from a hubby a week ago regarding how he stumbled upon his wife's hidden 'black-cock' secret. This is all true, and not a work of fiction, so please don't treat it as such.

Dear Shango,

I recently came across your posts on Twitter, and wanted to reach out and tell you my story. All of it happened as I’m telling it.

I've been married for 6 years, to my beautiful "Barbie" wife. While talking about fantasies in our earlier years, she made mention to me of her desire to be a whore to BBC. The thought was erotic to me, and we kept talking about throughout our times together. The conversation was always during sex, and never was mentioned any other time. About 3 months went by, and I started to see a change in my wife. Our sex life was non-existent, and I could tell there was a change in her. When we did have sex, it was never intercourse, as she only allowed me to perform oral sex on her. I started to think that maybe, just maybe, something was going on outside our marriage.

I had gone out of town on business, and wanted to surprise my wife with an early return. I was supposed to return on Friday, but got back on Thursday. When I pulled up to the house, I noticed another vehicle that I've never seen before parked in the driveway. So, I parked my vehicle down the street. To be honest, my heart was racing at this moment, not knowing what I was about to walk into. I made it a point to walk in undetected. Our bedroom is situated where we can enter in multiple doors. As I walked up the steps, I heard moaning and slapping; I instantly became hard. At this point, no one knew I was in the house and I was able to get into our walk-in closet from the bedroom next door, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My beautiful, blonde wife, was having a threesome with two black men. I almost came in my pants as I was sitting there in disbelief, but excited at the same time. Both men were using her at will. I also noticed that neither one was using a condom. I sat there for over an hour, and I loved every minute of it. I snuck out of the house, and ended up staying in a local hotel for that evening.

Anyone ever had a true confession similar to this before?