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As a single woman, I can't imagine what interest you would have in cuckolding ... none what so ever. Cuckolding is a man's interest but a woman's necessity. You would only want to cuckold your man IF he wasn't pleasing you. Why would you wish to date a man simply to be able to cuckold him? Possibly you might be interested in a "sugar-daddy" ... now that would make sense, then! :smoke:
just googled cuckold. never knew such boi's exsisted
I only learned the term with the dawn of the internet, but I've had the desire since in my teens about 30 years ago! And it's very specific, I only have the desire to be in a cuckold relationship with a white lady who likes black men, without black men I would have no desire at all to be a cuck, absolutely none! And I'm sure there are other black only cucks out there.