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Cuckold wannabes - Your dream girl?

Like other cuck wannabes on this site I have often posted on this site about hoping to find a partner who would like a cuckold type relationship but up to this point have had no luck. Would like to know from other cuck wannabes who are also looking for a partner, are we looking for the same type of lady or are there big differences in what and who we are looking for?
The lady I'm looking for would be white and attracted to big black men. Looks are not that important but being open-minded, having a sense of humour (especially ability to laugh at oneself and life) and an awareness of the world in which we live are important. Sexually she could be heterosexual or bisexual and dominant or submissive (although I'd expect her to be submissive to black men in the bedroom) but having an attraction or fetish for big black men would be a must.
Having an alternative mindset is probably a given if she'd desire a cuckold relationship but this is an extremely attractive trait anyway.
It's not as if us cuck wannabes can be too picky but it's nice to elucidate what we want as we may come across a lady who is not suitable for ourselves but a good match with another cuck.
I know how deep the urge to be an interracial cuck can be so all the better if we can help each other out.
I'm just trying to get my pecker tugged! Why wont anyone tug my pecker? :frantic:

No but in all seriousness I'm not that fussy, nor do I think I can afford to be given the competition here. I'm just hoping to meetup with people I find attractive and then see if there's any chemistry in person. Even if no relationships comes from it, it would still be cool to develop contacts for hookups or kinky get togethers if they were willing. That's why I joined but I'm probably going to have to step up my game for anything like that to happen.


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My first wife swore a black man would never touch her and in 4 years of marriage I know she fucked 2 black guys and not just a one time thing and had an affair with a hispanic co worker. I never tried being her cuck but she knew how much I loved her pussy and pushed me into accepting that type of life if I wanted to keep her. So Idont think you can pick someone out for making you a cuck the woman will always make the choice.


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Pretty much like you, a white woman who would be submissive to black, have a thing for blacks, would do most things for them, would quietly torment me about it all. She would have a great appetite for sex and orgasming.