Cuckold vs Hotwife

derin jones

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There is a difference. I've never considered myself since I'm not at all submissive, I'm in great shape, good cock, can make my wife cum very well, fuck the shit out of her often, and have no interest in the whole humiliation part. I just think my wife is insanely hot and think she would look great fucking black guys, which she likes a lot. Plus, I love love love fucking hot black girls and have in the past. I might categorize us more as interracial swingers, or her as a hotwife than as a cuckold couple.

I was just wondering if anyone else is like that too. It seems the vast majority are cuckolds.
There are some people who don't feel inferior and are definitely ample enough and can get the job done, but are just turned on by their girl/wife fucking other men or being blacked. But you're right, a majority here are cucks.

Different strokes for different folks.